My go To chicken

So if anyone has read my stories in any world you know I like to cook. And in most of them I have a go to chicken dish, Lemon Garlic chicken over angel hair pasta. Usually the same sauce is used over whatever roasted veggies I happen to be making at the time too. I suppose you could put it all together.

This is about as close as AJ can come to what I make. She’s made similar herself. We think it’s amazing. I wish I could actually share the video here, but we can’t grab the address, so you’ll have to click the link.

And the other dish that I mention almost everywhere is my tomato basil fritatta. I usually make bacon with it. What breakfast isnt’ complete without bacon, right?

Alex likes pancakes. I make them from scratch. No box stuffed here. He also likes it topped with ice-cream but I prefer to make a berry compote.

Sadly you’ll have to click the links to see the receipes provided. None of them are mine.

Today’s ramblings are brought to you by amazing and chicken. These words were provided by The Daily Spur and Word of the Day Challenge. Thank you for sharing your inspirational words.

2 thoughts on “My go To chicken

  1. Those are delicious sounding dishes. Nothings better than a wonderfully garlicky chicken.

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