Bullet Journals



2 minutes

So AJ took on Bullet Journaling — again. This time she’s going simple as simple can be. She started out with a grand plan, but then she realized she wasn’t going to use it. So she went simple normal formatting, with a few exceptions. Right now it’s NaNo so she’s tracking words. And she’s tracking water in take to get that up, and she’s tracking food. But most importantly is that she’s got two other journals that she’s going to use to help manage the new diets that her family is on. Each person has one, everyone but the youngest one AJ manages, and the youngest one got one just to be fair lol.

It may not be normal for her to do it, but it’ll help with things. This week is sorta shot since AJ didn’t get groceries and is mostly trying to get rid of stuff that she over bought in the past.

Cleaning out the pantry is something extrodinary — she has room now.

AJ’s editing in nano right? So there was a scene I bared my soul to Alex and it got cut. Why? you ask? Because it didn’t fit AJ’s questions she asks. But in all honesty it was mostly just an info dump, it was replaced with a much smaller and simpler scene one with a little conflict even if it’s not my conflict it is a conflict.

Dabble is a wonderful tool. The new expanded note cards are AWESOME! If you are looking for new novel writing software, or any writing software I truly do vouch for Dabble it’s epic. AJ loves it.

These ramblings are brought to you by the words normal, vouch. Thanks to The Daily Spur, and Your Daily Word Prompt for providing the prompts on a daily basis. You can find links to their home pages on my Prompts page and all the other prompts considered for today’s ramble.

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