Happy Early Birthday

So tomorrow is Alex’s birthday. In 2020 he’ll be 30. The Big Three Oh! I’m two years behind him so I won’t make a bigger deal out of it.

But AJ made Alex something cool. She’s already shared it but since I might forget tomorrow I’m gonna post it here. Well AJ might forget I don’t have a crappy memory like AJ. But you’d never know it here since I have to rely on her to let me talk to you lovely folks.

As you can see I’m not putting any of the five prompts in today. Hopefully that will resume on Monday. Though as it’ll be the first big NaNo morning for AJ we might not see anything real. Or I might just do one prompt. It’s easier that way.

Above is Alex’s Dream Scape most likely before he and I were together. Or when he’s pissed off.

You can find all the original images on unsplash.

I love you Alex, and I know it’s not the perfect gift, and there is no story this year. AJ’s writing brain hasn’t been happening this month.

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