Yay! Another names storm has found its way to AJ’s neck of the woods. It’s supposed to land tonight and will likely cause a fracas. And we hope that the dog will remain calm or AJ will have to drug her to get her stop whining.

It’s really chilling to think of how many times AJ has had to hunker down this year for various things — from the dissemination of Covid-19 to hurricanes and tropical storms. She’s gotten lucky so far, but this one looks like it’s going to go right over top of her town. The only thing I can promise is today’s post. Tonight internet might go out and then I’m screwed cause I don’t get to come out and play too easily.

Thankfully Zeta isn’t a jocular guy and is just going to hit us hard and fast instead of laugh in our faces for a while. AJ’s happy about that. She would rather not take too many vacation days for shit like this.

These ramblings are brought to you by the words disseminate, fracas, chilling, jocular, promise. Thanks to The Daily Spur, Fandango’s One Word Challenge, The Rag Tag Community, Your Daily Word Prompt, and Word of the Day Challenge for providing the prompts on a daily basis. You can find links to their home pages on my Prompts page.


2 responses to “Zeta”

  1. Dee | Grammy's Grid Avatar
    Dee | Grammy’s Grid

    These storms are just too much, when will they end?

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    1. Nox Avatar

      Yes they are. A the season still has another month too.

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