I was a firestarter as a kid. Not the kind that lit things on fire on purpose, but the magical kind it wasn’t my fault. But it leads to the speculation of why my kids aren’t firestarters. Why did I caut a swath through my living room with fire and they didn’t?

There really is only one answer to the question. Michaela knew what to watch out for and was prepared to send her kids to school early to learn control. But why weren’t the Venatori prepared. I mean I lived with them. Maybe they didn’t think I would be a danger? I was only have human after all. Or maybe there was another order that said to let me burn things down and become a danger to myself and others. Which would lead me down the path I’m currently walking.

If i were a normal Venatori firestarter would I be this person? Or would I be the prefect Venatori hunter? Fate and destiny were at play? Or was it someone’s will that I end up where I was. Things happen that I’m not aware of. Things I won’t ever know really happens, or if they will ever happen. But my gut says everything about my life has been set up so I end up right here were I am.

I should merchandize my plight. “Played by Fate.” or something like that. Destiny’s puppet. I don’t think they’d make much money.

These ramblings are brought to you by the words merchandize, swath, order, speculation, fire. Thanks to The Daily Spur, Fandango’s One Word Challenge, The Rag Tag Community, Your Daily Word Prompt, and Word of the Day Challenge for providing the prompts on a daily basis. You can find links to their home pages on my Prompts page.

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