Almost halloween

Alex’s birthday is impending. I’d like to say the day creeped up on me but it didn’t. I’ve been cognizant of it for a while. If I were real I could do a strip tease for him. Or maybe just dancing. Not that I’m worried about jepordizing my relationship with Alex because of failure or looking less than perfect. But you know me my head is very not confident.

(BTW, I have no idea how to put the word buoyant into this ramble — maybe a bouyant costume? Maybe a beach ball — that’s it I’ll go as a buoyant beach ball riding the waves of my life.)

But back to Alex’s birthday. I have nothing special for him. I barely even remembered who he was this in story birthday. I feel so horrible. But then again it’s sorta par for course since in The Call of the Dragon we have a major fight and sorta kinda break up on my birthday — WTF right?

Sad things is the first go around the timeline was fucked up so we didn’t notice it. AJ had the days mixed up with 2019 instead of 2017 and we didn’t work the way it wanted to. So now our fight is on my birthday instead of before it. Which all in all it works out but still it sucks.

Maybe AJ will draw something for Alex’s birthday? Or make him a photo composite. Something very Alex.

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