Randomness On Monday

I figure I’d give ya’ll a heads up. Lost in New York is done on Sunday. Which means I’m back to daily writing. I’m going to try to use at least one of five prompting sites that I’ve listed under the collections if not all five of them. One of which is the one AJ and I maintain.

The remainder of the year will likely be randomness. AJ’s going to be a rebel for November and edit the Call of the Dragon (formerly the last phoneix). And our goal is to finish that this year at least round 1 of the edits filling in the timeline screw up and making the major changes that were decided on.

Publishing is the goal. So most of the writing AJ does will be just to keep me and her from going insane. We won’t be posting any major stories, anything we do will be with the express intention of submitted it to various publishing places that take short stories.

AJ is currently doing a lot of world building with a version of me and Alex in a DnD fantasy setting where we are dragonborn characters. AJ is hoping to do a completely random scenario with us, (well not completely random, but mostly random.) This particular story is specifically being tailored to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. A 17K sci-fi fantasy story which has quarterly submissions. Currently AJ is world building, and setting up the general idea. AJ is setting it up as a serial or episodic story. So it might be something ya’ll get to see if it works, and if it doesn’t get accepted. But the idea is to actually have a much bigger story to tell. So we’ll see. However, it may end up just being you getting the play session in the end. We’ll see.

AJ has a few other ideas, and a few other places she’d like to try to make submissions to next year. My story is likely to be self published because it has already been seen here. And first publishing rights are big on other people, and AJ’s okay with that. We love sharing here. We love all of you.

PS: I love the signature you might end up seeing lots of it!