EPilogue: Impromtu Therapy

Two days before Alex’s birthday the entire family got their memories back. But everyone was under strict order to never mention that fact. The good thing was, that most of us already knew how to keep secrets and well the kids, they didn’t go to school with normal people. So our secret was safe – we hoped.

That first night I spent in Alex’s bed. Our bed was hard for me. I think I cried for most of it not actually sleeping. How the fuck had I forgotten everything? Specially my kids. And then there was the whole self doubt – they didn’t even need me.

I was so far down the rabbit hole even Alex needed a break, though he never left my side. But I knew he’d shut me out. Our bedroom was blocked, so none of my magic escaped. Something Alex had done to all of the rooms, so the telepaths could have peace. I hated that I was a wreck.

But come morning I pretended to be right as rain. As Rider and the pack started preparations for a wedding. That was our only plan to get me back in the house so the bad guys didn’t know. So Alex and I would wed on his birthday. He didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

“Are you sure?”

Alex laughed, “Fuck, Pretty Boy, yes. I’m sure. My birthday doesn’t mean much to me, but you.” He grabbed my shirt and pulled me close, “You mean the fucking world to me.”

I kept my emotions in check for two days straight. Bottling things up and I knew eventually I’d blow, but right now, the family needed me stable even though I was far from it. I called Adrian and we talked down in Brew while everyone else planned a wedding.

I didn’t give Adrian a stone, but he remembered the moment he sat down at the table. Close proximity to me, and the fog lifted. Which is the reason Hunter had taken the stone to begin with. I couldn’t do with Alex forgetting me over and over again. But I had done the same to him for so many years. It pained me.

“You aren’t doing alright.”

I shook my head. “I’m more of a mess than I’ve ever been before.”

“Wedding jitters?”

I shook my head, “No. I’ll marry Alex any way possible as many times as possible. This is just hard. I forgot everything. They didn’t need me. They don’t need me now. I hurt Alex by forgetting him in the dreams for years growing up. Every time he’d come into my dreams every night – I’d forget him. And then I have the the same thing happen and I let my son take it away so I don’t have to watch as Alex forgets me. How is any of that fair?”

“Two things first. Alex did need you. So did your family. And so does the pack. In two days of you being back in the know and the pack is stronger than it’s been in months. Rider’s control is firm again. He’s not a sixteen year old Alpha. He’s our Alpha. Everyone feels the difference your power makes Nox. And I’m going to forget why, but Nox, we need you. I’ve always needed the strength you give. When I brought you into the pack I brought you in for your power. You were a scared kid, with so much ambient power, you didn’t even know what you had. I brought you in to control you. But as you got older that power shifted the omega grew stronger and you calmed the pack without the pack knowing. And as that grew so did the power and the alpha side. I had to make you leave or they would have convinced you to oust me.”

“I wouldn’t have done that.”

Adrian nodded, “I know. But they didn’t. I didn’t want a mutiny on my hands.” 

I sighed. “You survived without me.”

“I haven’t in years Nox. Rider is using your power base. You are Alpha of Alphas. You are the King of New York. You are the Third Ascendant, the Imperodo. You rose from the dead. Don’t tell me we don’t need you Nox. And your family was a mess. Alex buried himself in work. Rider was too busy to stay on top of the house hold. That left Iz and she didn’t want any of it. We all helped Rider as we could, but the longer you were away the more things fell apart. Hunter running away was the last straw for a lot of us. And in two days your household is back. You don’t think you do anything, but they know Nox. They just know. Hunter did the right thing making the stones for you.”

“And you are okay forgetting all this?”

Adrian laughed, “Nox, there are worse things in the world than not knowing why my life just got righted.”

I sighed. “Thank you.”

“My job.”


Adrian laughed, “Ryan’s job, but you needed a third party.”

I nodded. “I miss Margo for that.”

Adrian stood up and offered me his hand, “We can schedule coffee once a week to discuss you if you’d like. And keep our standing times for business.”

“I’d like that, if you don’t mind.” I took Adrian’s hand and shook firmly. 

“I’d like that too.” Adrian leaned in and gave me a hug, “Stay well, my friend. Until we see each other again.” He meant that in a different way this time. He walked away and didn’t look back. I wondered what he remembered just happening. But I didn’t dare ask.

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