Nice Bathroom

The shower didn’t go nearly as Alex planned. It didn’t go as I had planned either. Shower sex was always interesting, but Alex had other ideas, he had a huge bathtub. One long enough for both of us to stretch out nearly full length. 

Alex had my shirt off before he pushed me up against the sink counter, “Stay.” he commanded and my body reacted accordingly. My hands wrapped around the edge of the counter and I stayed right where he left me to turn on the water. I closed my eyes and listened to the water running, Alex’s hand waving underneath the stream as he tested the warmth.

And when it stopped I could feel his eyes on me. “You like constellations eh?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Uh.” I sighed, “I don’t know what any of them mean.”

Alex smiled and pulled his shirt over his head and walked over to me in that I know something you don’t know walk. It was fucking sexy watching him move like he knew what he did to me. His left hand ran down the middle of my chest and over my left ribs and I squirmed. Alex grabbed my arm and held his left hand with mine like we were shaking hands awkwardly. He had a tattoo much the same as mine, the same colors but the pattern of dots was different. “I’m told it makes up the constellation Cancer.”

“Mine don’t make up any known star patterns. I’ve looked.”

Alex held my wrist up to his face and he looked closer, his fingers traced over the spots, I closed my eyes at his touch. Each caress moved me closer to climax. Alex seemed to know that and stopped, “Shower first.” 

He said turning on the water in the shower, “Tub after.”

I opened my eyes and looked at Alex a little confused. “I need to get this gunk off before we…” He winked at me. It wasn’t Alex being shy or ashamed it was all a tease. He was fucking teasing me.

“Damn fucking straight, now get in here.”

Somewhere along the lines Alex had gotten naked. How had I not noticed? “You noticed.” He gave me that once over and I knew I had way too many clothes on.

The shower was quick. However it was filled with generous touching. I got the pleasure of running my fingers through Alex’s hair and listened to his Homer impression. He was a sucker for a good hair washing, and somewhere in the back of my head I knew it before I ever touched his head. 

My body was still tight and wanting by the time Alex grabbed a towel and dried us both off so we didn’t drip across the floor. It seemed a dangerous trek to be making out across and we didn’t. The water in the tub had shut off my itself. Alex mused, “A safety feature so we don’t have a mess.”


Alex laughed, “To some, it’s engineering and electronics – Jack had it designed – he’s a genius.”

I nodded, the name felt familiar but I didn’t know a Jack. And in that moment I didn’t care. Alex grinned up at me, “What you waiting for?”

I looked down to see Alex beckoning me down into the water. The fire I’d had before was still roasting inside of me, but now was just simmering inside instead of trying to burst out. Alex seemed to understand exactly how to manipulate me even though I had been the one to initiate the kiss.

He reached up and took my hand, “Get in or I’ll start without you.”

As soon as he said it I paused and he looked like he’d just stepped in it. He knew exactly what he’d said. And I pulled back to the edge and knelt down. I was naked and exposed and I was hard as a rock and the need grew with each passing second, but Alex looked at me with pleading eyes. “I could watch.” I teased.

“That’s my thing.” Alex’s voice was heavy with desire.

There was a comment lingering in my mind, but I couldn’t find it. I bit my bottom lip, “Please.” I begged.

Alex’s hand drifted in the water. There was hesitation in his eyes, his hand floating above what I wanted him to do. He watched me as I watched him. I flicked my eyes up to meet his and I groaned with my own much needed pleasure. The heat in his eyes, the very thought of him touching himself had me ready and almost about to lose it. 

His fingers wrapped around his length and my eyes flicked down to watch. Alex shifted at his own touch and I pressed the tips of my fingers into the tub’s edge so I wouldn’t touch myself or climb into the tub to reach for Alex. 

His body was tight. And I wanted to touch him, it was killing me. My fingers hurt from the strain. I couldn’t wait any longer I climbed into the tub and Alex’s fingers stilled water splashed against his chest with my movement. His eyes were on me again. 

Water was not a very good lubricant, but a bath was not a good place for lube either. The soft lavender scent of the water came from an oil not too far from my reach and that would do better. I stood above Alex my cock hanging in front of him as I readied myself. He watched as I plied my self with the scented oil he’d used for the water. He groaned at my self intrusion and I gave Alex much more of a show than I had originally intended, his eyes on my body, even as I felt self conscious about the way I looked. 

“Please, Nox.” Alex whispered. He grabbed my thighs and I sank into the water and impaled myself with his dick. My head fell back and I rolled my hips against Alex. He pulled me forward and sucked and bit at my neck.

Water splashed onto the floor as we made love, it wasn’t the fiery passion of the first time, nor was it sweet and romantic now, but it was more than just sex as I felt things for Alex, memories of things we’d never done. Feelings of home, and more. Maybe Alex was right. Maybe it was more.

It was right, and perfect and Alex brought me over the edge twice before he finally let himself go. He chuckled as he pulled me against him, “You have such a quick turn around time. Usually only get that with a girl.”

“Magic.” I said. I rested my head on Alex’s shoulder, our chests still pressed against each other. It was relaxing, and I had a moment to look around. “Nice bathroom.”

Alex laughed, “Thanks for noticing, finally.” 

“I’m sorry I was a little preoccupied by a different sight.”

“And what did you think of that?” Alex asked.

“What do you think I thought?”

I felt Alex’s laugh in his chest more than I heard him laughing, “From the response I got I’m going to say you liked it a lot.”

“You have no idea.” I grinned against his neck. “My bathroom isn’t nearly as nice, but…”

Alex laughed, “After dinner we might need to clean up again.”

I pulled away from him, “That’s one thing I don’t do. Food anywhere but on a plate sets me off.”

Alex just laughed. And I had a feeling he intended to test the theory.

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