Dinner With Alex

We sat down at a glass table and some wire chairs with bright cushions on them. It was rather comfortable. “That’s his kitchen isn’t it?” I asked.

Alex nodded with a frown, “Yeah. But you liked it didn’t you?”

I nodded, “Who wouldn’t?”

He smiled but he didn’t say anything more. We ate in silence until I chuckled. Alex cocked an eyebrow at me, “Hunter told me I’d be staying for dinner.”

“You weren’t planning on it?” Alex asked.

I shook my head, “No. I can’t do this with you.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Because you want someone else.”

Alex sighed, “I do, but I want you too.”

“I won’t make you feel guilty for loving me Alex. I can’t do it.”

Alex smirked, “Getting ahead of yourself aren’t you?”

I shook my head, “No. I’ve been in love with you for eleven weeks. From the first moment you came into my dreams. You are the first thing I remember when I try to think about how my life has been. The first thing. You are the only consistent thing in my life. I can’t be just a fuck Alex. As good as it is, I can’t do it.”

He nodded but he was looking off into the City skyline, “I don’t want just a fuck.”

“Did you help Hunter escape?”

Alex smirked, “Not intentionally, but I heard him as he left and I did nothing. I knew where he was going. And I knew you would bring him home.”

“So a game?” I growled.

Alex shook his head, “No. You saw the picture. And the more I think about it, the more his theory makes sense.”

“What’s his theory?”

“That we knew each other. You don’t remember who you are right? We are missing someone – all of us – this whole fucking city is missing someone and we all feel it but we can’t figure it out. We don’t remember. And here you are this nothing person with no memory, no family, no friends, who woke up eleven weeks ago with nothing to tell him who he was. Hunter says you are family. Rider feels pack in you. Abby too. Jo obviously did she won’t go with Rider or Dom. You do magic without knowing it. I swear to fucking god if we had a picture of you at Hunter’s age you’d look exactly alike. And I’m drawn to you, I was drawn to him too. So maybe – just maybe you are him.”

Before I could say anything Alex added, “I have no proof. I only have a feeling. I have the words of a five year old who has never ever told me a lie. He says you are family I can’t keep denying it.”

“So what do you want me to do? Just believe it. Come be part of all this.”

“Fuck no!” Alex said, “This life is shit. If you got away then maybe you did it for a reason.”

“Why the fuck would I leave this Alex. Why would I leave you, Hunter, and the rest of the kids? Why?”

“I don’t know. Because you knew something. I don’t know Nox. I don’t fucking know. All I know is I can’t get you out of my fucking head.” He whispered, “And I don’t want to either.”

“But yet, all you want is to fuck.” I growled.

Alex sighed, “I… I’m sorry. I can’t help but push you away.”

I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t really say much more so I ate my food. Alex’s eyes never left me, I could feel them like giant pokers sticking right threw me.

“You really are very loud.”

“I’m not saying anything.” I grumbled.

“You think too much. Your head is like this turbulent chaotic storm and I’m not even digging deep.”

“I can’t stop thinking.”

“It’s not a bad thing.” Alex said. He was smiling when I looked up to meet his gaze. “I can’t imagine what it’s like for you.”

“Apparently, you don’t have to you have all access pass to my head.” I knew I was angry. I didn’t need to take it out on him, but every time he was in my head he used my thoughts against me.

The smile slide from Alex’s face, “You’re right, that’s not fair is it? I can’t help it. It’s part of who I am.”

“It’s one think to know what I’m thinking, but completely another to get pissed off because I’m thinking it.”

“Can I tell you something?”

I rolled my eyes, “You are going to tell me anyway.”

Alex smirked, “You’re a real ass sometimes.”

“Whatever.” I said sitting back in the chair with my glass of water.

Alex didn’t get a chance to explain because the door burst open. “Alex, they won’t leave me alone.” His daughter, who had just called him Alex, whined.

Cass growled, “I just want to help!” She argued.

Drake was there too he was holding on to Cass’ hand, “We just want to help Quinn.”

Rider was following them out, “Sorry.” He rounded the girls up and shoved them back through the door they’d come, “I was trying to settle down some vampires that decided because I was Alpha I could do anything. The fucking pack is restless and I can’t do shit cause of Dom.”

Rider looked at me and frowned, “Sorry, I forgot you had company. We’ll talk later. Ant says to hurry the fuck up too. He won’t wait all day.”

Alex shook his head, “And you want in on this life?” Alex sighed , “I’ll finish what I was going to say but I need to go.” He smiled at me but it didn’t reach his eyes. He wasn’t angry with me, but he was pretty upset. “Anyway… You pretty much say whatever is on your mind, except when your mind is racing and then I can’t even follow it. You’ve never contradicted yourself between thought and what you say – that never happens.”

I shrugged, “There is no need to lie.”

“There is always need to lie, you just find none.”

I sighed, “I feel there is more to the lying but I can’t remember why.”

Alex sat forward and took my hands from my lap. “We can find out what happened if you want. I have resources. First we can see Doc and see if there is any trauma in your past.”

“You have a personal doctor?”

Alex shook his head, “Not personal, he works for Ant’s mom. She has a personal doctor. And lawyer, and accountant. And hacker.”

My eyes grew wide with that, “She’s a vampire?”

“She is.”

“I didn’t know vampires had families. Or is that some strange relationship?”

Alex laughed, “It’s complicated, but Ant was born a vampire, his mother was made a vampire. It’s all a magical mess. And too much to explain over dinner. But you should go”

“I need to go, anyway. I have to meet Dom. I flaked last night.”

Alex frowned, “You can stop by anytime. I’ll send Doc a message, and tell him you’ll stop by sometime.”

Alex shook his head, “Tell me you’ll come here on Halloween like you were invited. It’s my birthday, it’ll be your gift to me. Hunter and the kids would love it if you did. You can be whatever you want, it’s a costume party.”

I sighed, “Fine.” I made it sound like a chore, but it wasn’t. “I’ll see you around?”

Alex nodded, “Your job still waits.”

I shook my head, “No, I can’t. Replace me.”

“Rider will be disappointed.”

I shrugged, “I just can’t. But if you want stop by and I’ll make you dinner sometime. We can talk more.”

Alex laughed, “Is that all?”

I smirked, “Yeah. That’s all. More and I’ll be a broken mess. So it’s talk or nothing, okay?”

Alex nodded, “You lie.”

“Maybe, but you know how I’m feeling so please.”

Alex nodded again. “Not really a lie, but you’d like more. I can live with that.” Alex stood up with me and he closed the small space and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. “Slow it is.”

“Thank you.” I said and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you later.”



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