More Than Expected

Downstairs on my way to the shower, I had more than the three people I expected in my bedroom. Fucking door! Dominic Olmos stood in jeans and a flannel shirt staring up at my naked body. He neither said anything nor looked like he was admiring the goods, just watched me descend the stairs.

“You and the vampire got her out. I owe you.”

“You don’t you promised to leave Abby and Will alone.”

Dominic laughed, “I did, but I’ll do that for free. I owe you one. Though I don’t think she’s coming home with me.” He sighed. “One of my guys bit her, then left her. the Ventori killed him. She needs pack. She won’t go with Rider either. Adrian might be able to talk her into going with him, but…” He paused and looked at me with a smirk, “She trusts you. Can she stay here?”

I frowned, “I don’t have any extra space.”

Jo spoke up, “I’ll sleep on the couch. Please.” She begged.

I looked over at the bed that was now occupied by a sleeping boy, “Fine, I guess I’ll be on the floor. But everyone else get out of my house.” I sighed. “Sorry, don’t mean to be rude, but I want to be alone.”

And then I went into my bathroom and shut the door. The shower was nice – not the best in the world but nice. I flipped on the water and let it get to the right temperature before stepping inside. 

I heard the door open and close but I didn’t care. I stayed under the spray, the glass door between me and whoever decided to interrupt my calm.

“Nox?” Alex spoke softly. “Don’t talk. Just listen.”

I sighed softly and let the water run down my face in hot streams. At least it might mask the tears that threatened to fall.

“We need to talk about what happened. And I don’t mean the sex.” I could hear the smirk in his voice, “But it was great sex. I don’t usually make that much noise.”

“But Nox.” Alex went on, “That fire wasn’t nature. Cass and Hunter only do that when they get upset and it messes with their control.”

“I can’t make fire happen Alex. I’m not magic.” I said.

“I think you are. Vin said that you can see the crossed swords. You are a carrier of wolf’s blood. Jo feels it. Adrian too. And Dom said as much when he said she needed pack and let her stay here. You might not think you are magic, but you are. In so many fucking ways.” He sighed.

“Whatever, what do you care?” I asked. though I wanted it to sound harsh and rude, it came out a whisper and sounded so fucking pathetic. I growled at myself.

“I just do. I can’t explain it. Hell, I can’t explain why I want to see you. Why I came here? I can’t even tell you why I’m so attracted to you. Fuck.” I looked through the foggy glass. Alex was raking his hands through his hair fully dressed. “I can’t tell you why I’m jealous of you parading around in nothing through your own fucking house for everyone to see,” he growled. “I can’t get over the feeling that I loved someone and that you could be replacing them. I hate it. I was gone. Completely and totally his, and he’s gone, and now there is you.”

I shook my head, he was confessing his feelings, “I’m never going to be him.” I said.

“I know.” Alex said. “I’m gonna go. Ant is taking Levi to our house to tend to him. Hunter didn’t say what we should do with him, so I guess we’ll see. I expect I’ll be seeing you when you come talk to Ant about Will and Abby.” Alex left the bathroom with a soft snick of the door and I was all alone again with the soft patter of water falling on the tile floor of my shower.

I collapsed to the floor and cried. I felt so utterly alone, and the one person who made me happy didn’t want me.




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