A Cup of Coffee



6 minutes

I didn’t know what made him so upset at me. I didn’t ask him here. But I got the impression that no matter what I did he was going to be mad at me. So I followed him upstairs and made him a cup of coffee I had just brewed – cream and two sugars.

I poured my own cup then made another pot of coffee in the French Press. It didn’t hold much more than two cups and I knew I was going to need another one. I set his down on the table where he sat. He looked up at me and frowned. “What I do now?” I asked

He growled. “Sit down.”

I sighed heavily and followed the instructions. He sipped at his coffee with his eyes closed. He was enjoying the brew and I smiled but he didn’t see it. I was glad he liked it. I still hated that I wanted to impress him. He wanted nothing to do with me. 

He growled again but he didn’t say anything.

“So talk, Mr. Grumpy.”

“Of course I’m grumpy, you’re an idiot.”

“How so?” I frowned.

“Do you even know what you are getting into here? What those people could have done to you if you got caught?”

“Enlighten me.” I growled back at him.

“For starters they would have locked you up with them and thrown away the key. That’s what the Venatori do, they take no prisoners but if they do you never see them again. That’s how it is. We were trying to change that, but that’s over. They are worse than they ever were before.”

“Before him?” I growled.

Alex looked at me like I had said something in a foreign language. I shook my head and stood up. “I’m never going to measure up to him. I’m never going to be him. So why the fuck do you care what I get into.”

There was a large roar, and when I looked over the burner for the stove was three feet high and the coffee pot had tipped over and coffee was spurting everywhere. “Fuck!” 

I stood up toppling the chair, but Alex was there before I was. I stood staring at the burner wondering what the fuck just happened.

Alex was looking at me, his head cocked to the side.

“What?” I growled at him.

“I’ve only seen that happen with kids around?” 

“I’m not a kid.”

“Kid was a poorly chosen word.” Alex said looking at me like I was some sort of puzzle to figure out. “An untrained child with no control.”

“Fuck you.” I said and hurried to the bathroom. But the problem was, I was pretty sure that had been me. I was pissed. Alex had a way of pushing my buttons.

I hadn’t even made it to the door down stairs when Alex spoke softly, “You push my buttons too.”

“I don’t mean to.” I growled rounding to face him only to find him inches from me where I stopped. He was so close, I could feel his breath on my face. 

There was only a moment of hesitation before Alex was pressing his lips against mine. His hands found the hem of my shirt and in seconds it was over my head and we were back to kissing. He undressed me like it was a life or death situation, like if we stopped to think I might say no. There was no fucking way I was saying no.

Alex chuckled against my lips, “Shut up and suck my dick.” He said pressing me to my knees, my jeans still around my ankles as he undid his belt and buttons for me. I pulled his pants down with my hands and found the piece of flesh I had desired most and licked the length of it. 

Alex groaned and he took a step backwards. I followed him until he was sitting on my couch, his knees spread so I could have access to his balls while I sucked his cock. I wanted to watch him, but I didn’t want to see the look on his face either. I didn’t want to know how he felt. The sounds of his pleasure were the only thing I needed I told myself. I’d wanted this for so long. Wanted to taste him, wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him so fucking badly.

His hand raked through my hair holding me in place for a moment before letting me up. He played with my hair trying to let me go as deep as I wanted, his body thrusting involuntarily into my mouth until he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me off, “Fuck, I’ll come if you keep that up.”

“Isn’t that the point?” I asked.

Alex smirked. “Finish getting us undressed and I’ll show you.”

My cock was hard and leaking and I complied with the order given. I wondered if he’d talked with Adrian – if he knew what he was doing. If…

“Shut up and just fuck yourself on my dick.” Alex pushed a condom into my hand.

My entire body flexed with desire and I ripped open the condom foil with my teeth and then rolled it over Alex’s cock with my fingers. He grabbed my free hand and pulled me on top of him. Alex suckled my nipple and rolled it with his tongue before he bit sharply. I groaned in the pleasure. “You like a little pain?”

I didn’t answer, instead I centered my hole over his dick and I pushed him inside with no preparation. The burn was intense – bordering on too much pain but he felt amazing inside me. I pushed him all the way inside me and my body flexed around him as I adjusted to his length and width. 

“Fuck I’m not going to last long.” Alex groaned.

I didn’t have much time then so I started to move on his hard dick. Alex’s head lolled back against the back of the couch and I sucked at his Adam’s apple as it bobbed his moans and groans from my hold. 

“Holy shit, Nox!” Alex shouted out as he released his load inside of me, “Come baby, people are coming.” He reached between us and stroked my cock in his hands and it wasn’t long until I was riding my own wave of pleasure. Just as Rider and Jo made it to the top of the stairs to find us both naked.

They stammered and then were down the stairs again. I laughed softly pulling off Alex’s softening cock. “You were a bit loud I think.”

“Fuck, me!” Alex said, there was a guilty look in his eyes, but his face said he was pissed I’d said it.

I grabbed my clothes and from around us and walked way, “Sorry.” I was never going to get a break with him. Great fucking sex and he’s still pissed at me.

Alex growled, “I wasn’t mad at you. You just said something that reminded me of things.”

“I don’t want to know Alex. We had sex, maybe that urge we both seem to have will go away now. Please don’t come by again.” I said walking down stairs naked. I wasn’t going to put on clothes just to take a shower.

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