A Lot of Explaining

The look on Jo’s face told me that she didn’t want to go with Dom. “Would Rider be best?” I asked.

“Dom asked you for the favor tho.” Vin said.

“But Jo doesn’t want to go with him.”

“So you trust a sixteen year old boy?”

I shrugged, “I worked for him – so yeah.”

Jo shook her head. “I don’t…”

“Rider is a good guy.”

“He’s a good alpha.” Vin added, “He’s stronger than you think, he can protect you.”

“I’m not werewolf.”

“No more than I am.” I said. I stood there staring at Vin and he stared at me. It was like a light bulb went off in our minds. 

“You carry.” Vin laughed, “That’s why you see the tattoo.” He put his hand on my shoulder, “I’d love to see that scar.”

“I’ve never been bitten.” I said. If I’d been in my dream my clothes would have vanished as proof, but neither of the people here were Alex and I felt no desire to prove myself to them.

Vin nodded slowly, his voice was just as slow, “Maybe a parent?”

I shrugged. “My memory doesn’t work that way.”

I pulled out my phone and sent Rider a text.

A little bird told me that you might be able to help me with Dom’s little wolf. I have her at my apartment.

“He answer?” Vin asked.

I shook my head, “I just sent it. But I don’t expect one. I expect they’ll just show up.”

“Why is that?”

I laughed, “A gut feeling.” I headed upstairs, “Coffee? Water? I might have a few beers in the fridge.”

“A beer sounds great. Little wolf?” Vin asked.

“My name is Jo,” she growled at the vampire. 

He chuckled, “Yes ma’am. Coffee? No probably not, maybe a cup of warm milk?”

“That’s cats.” Jo said.

“Blood steak?” Vin teased.

She growled again. 

“Jo would you like anything to drink?” I asked.

She nodded, “Water will be fine. Thank you, Nox.”

They all stayed downstairs with Levi. I stopped at the landing before the last bit of stairs, “Should I tell them about Levi?”

Vin looked up at me, “No, they will know. I’m sure they will prepare to bring him back too.”

“But you said you are here because of a boy, Hunter told you to come.”

“He did. But they know what he dreamed as much as I do.”

I walked back down the stairs. “What did he dream exactly?”

Vin shrugged. “I guess I can tell you now. It’s done and over. He dreamt of me and you rescuing a girl and and a boy. He didn’t say how, he only said that we did. He drew a picture of the boy and girl and made me promise not to tell you.”

“That you knew what we were doing?”

“I didn’t know anything. Only that his dreams come true. Or they don’t.”

“Why don’t they?” I asked more curious than angry.

Vin grinned, “Because someone changes the outcome because they knew how it would go.”

“Which is why you didn’t tell me?”

Vin shook his head, “No. That wasn’t the reason, but he didn’t tell me why I couldn’t tell you. Just that I shouldn’t tell you.”

“So you could have?”

Vin nodded, “Yes, but the little boy’s intitulation is better than most and when he says don’t do something. I try with in my power to do as he asked.”

“Why? He’s just a kid?”

“He’s a prophet.” Jo said. “Prophets are listened to even in religion.”

Vin looked at her, “You weren’t raised in a pack. Where does your knowledge come from?”

She shrugged. “A religion that failed me.”

Vin smiled, “I hear you little wolf. It once long ago failed me too. I sought my freedom in immortality.”

“Did it free you?” Jo asked.

“In a way. I was bound to another for most of my immortal life. Doing her bidding until now, I am free – yet not, I have that bond but I can’t find the other side no matter how hard I try. But it wasn’t always that way.”

I listened to their conversation as I headed up stairs to get their drinks and make a pot of coffee. I pulled out the Frech press and started a gourmet coffee blend that I’d bought with what little excess money I had. I didn’t do it often, and usually only when I had guests – which was usually Abby and Will. But I felt that I was going to have a house full soon.

And when the coffee was finished there was a knock at my door. My guests were all sitting on the edge of the bed chatting. Still speaking on religion and how it had affected their lives. Vin’s was old Catholic, and some how I knew he had been a Centurion in the Roman Empire.

I opened the door and found Rider standing there with a guilty smile. The man behind him was the reason why. He’d brought Alex with him.

“Come on in. Anyone else want a cup of coffee?”

Rider came inside with little more invitation, “I’m good. But Alex would probably like a cup. He’s trying to ignore you.”

I laughed, “So why did he come at all then.”

Alex pushed past us and headed for the stairs, “I am not, Rider just thinks he can’t handle this by himself.”

“He’s pack leader, why couldn’t he?”

Alex turned and looked at me, “What do you know of this world?” He growled and stomped up the stairs. 

I followed up him.



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