I didn’t know if trusting him was a good thing but it sure beat the alternative. Tossing my cookies so to speak sucked.

We ended up in a broom closet. Very close. I could smell the musk of the man who’d dragged me through a shadow. And if I wasn’t jonesing for some other guy I’d have kissed him. He seemed to sense that and laughed, “I’ve been around the block, but pretty boys aren’t my thing.”

I frowned, “You know Alex?”

He nodded, “Yeah, sorry man. I know you and he are on the outs. You are pretty for a man, not in the way a girl is pretty. Long lashes, high cheek bones, the fact that your eyeliner is thick and the lips a color that definitely isn’t natural, doesn’t help the illusion.”

I sighed, “He’s the only one I let call me pretty boy with out a tongue scathing.”

“Sorry man.”

“It’s not a problem. I should have figured you knew him though. You work for Ant?”

“Not really. I don’t work for any of them. Not really. I have a fondness for them kids though. And I’m here because Hunter said I needed to be here.”

“What’s up with that kid? His mother seemed like she was freaking out when he was talking to me. And he knew things, some sorta wisdom this kid’s got.”

“Hunter can see the future in dreams.”

I laughed, “That’s why he said everything will get better – he saw me in a dream.”

Vin smiled, “Yeah.” He opened the door and we piled out of the broom closet and into the hall, “The art room is this way, I feel the little werewolf now that we are here.”

“She’s a werewolf?” I asked.

“Course she is, why do you think Dom sent you.”

I shrugged, “I guess I just want to stay oblivious”

“Sometimes that’s for the better.”

A nurse walked right past us and she never even saw us. Almost ran right into me. “What are you doing?” I asked.

Vin chuckled, “I am extending my obfuscation to you.”

“Your what?”

“My power, I’m a shadow vampire, my creator is the Master vampire of our Bloodline. And apparently somewhere along the lines I got a power boost.”

“And you walk in day light.”

Vin laughed, “This is how that happens.” He tapped a ring, “Witches – wiccans sorry made it for me. Isabel isn’t very happy that had to make a few and then she forgot why but gave them out anyway.”

“She seems very grumpy.”

“She’s pregnant with not her kids – she’s not happy at all.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I said.

We stepped into the art room and there were a lot of people who didn’t see us, but that little wolf did. I didn’t know how I knew she was here. But I did, and she looked straight at us. Intention seemed to matter with Vin’s magic. 

She came up to us with a growl. “I can’t leave here, they won’t let me.”

“They don’t have a choice, little wolf.” Vin said, “Your pack alpha sent us.”

“I’m not a wolf.”

“Did you get bit by a dog?”

“Yeah along time ago.”

“How long is a long time ago.”

“A few years.”

“Carrier.” I said and Vin looked at me, “From being a novice at this you sure do know a lot of things.”

I shrugged, “I just know things sometimes.”

Vin took her hand and the person next to us looked around and then shrugged. “Dom wants you home, so we are taking you.”

“But what about my things?”

“What do you have here?” Vin asked.

“I don’t know clothes, books.”

“We’ll buy you new books, new clothes. Don’t you want out of here?”

She nodded, “Yeah, they are mean here.”

“Then let’s go get Levi and then we can go.”

“You mean the kid no one ever sees?”

We both shrugged, “Yeah, guess so.”

“He’s comatose.”

Vin nodded, “Hunter said as much. But there’s something else he said but I can’t remember it.” He smirked at me.

I sighed, “It has to do with me doesn’t it?”

“Yes. But it’s nothing to worry about. The boy will be awake. Let’s go.” Vin was aweful bossy.

We walked through the halls of the Infirmary with no one even noticing us. “What’s with all the tattoos on the temple?”

Vin stopped and we both skid to a halt with him. “You see them?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“No.” They both said in unison.

Vin went on, “Only those attuned to the occult can see the Venatori tattoos.”

“The who?”

Vin shook his head, “We’ll explain later. We have to move quickly or they’ll steal away Levi before we get to him.”

“Up ahead.” Jo nodded her head to a door where two nurses were going in.

We might not make it out easily. But as we got to the door the lights were off and there was lot of shouting. Vin took our hands, “Nox grab the boy, I can get us all out before they know what happened.”

I rushed to the boy’s side, his hands were cold and clammy and he locked hold of my hand the moment we touched, and then we were in my apartment. All four of us.

“How did you know to come here?”

Vin chuckled, “I didn’t, you did. I just went to some place safe, you directed us.”


The boy collapsed in my arms and we didn’t get a chance to do much more as I rushed him down stairs to my bed. “Now what?”

Vin grinned, “I have no idea. But I’ll stay with you and the little wolf tonight, until Dom can fetch her.”

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