Day Gone



5 minutes

Half the day was gone when I decided to take a break. More than half really it was 3 pm. I looked at the cards in my pocket, flipping between the three of them. One I knew I might run into Alex, so I stuck it back in my pocket. But the other two I could at least try – it was day time. It might be safer and I was pretty sure the full moon had passed already so I wouldn’t be worrying about them turning furry on me. But what did I know, I knew nothing about werewolves and vampires – fuck I couldn’t even begin to believe I was entertaining this idea, but I had seen the strange things already. 

It explained a lot.

I gave the number on the card for Dominic Olmos – he was pack leader of a rival clan, and probably the one making the most trouble for Abby.

A male voice answered the phone, “What?”

“Hi, I want to make a meeting with the Pack leader.” I said confidently though I felt like an idiot inside saying that.

“Who’s this?” the voice asked back – even more annoyed than before.

“My name is Nox. You don’t know me. I’m just a friend of Abby and Will’s and I’d like to see if there was something we could do about this situation.” I honestly didn’t know what I could do about that, but I couldn’t help but try.

“Just stay out of it, that’s what you can do.” And then the phone went silent.

I called back but no one picked up. So much for diplomacy.

There was a number for Adrian Sheridan, but there was also an address, so instead of getting a no over the phone they’d have to call the cops to get me to leave. I could be annoying if I needed to be. 

I gathered up all my things, and I stopped by my place and dropped off the supplies before heading into Hell’s Kitchen to find this Mr. Sheridan.

I hopped a train and was there in a modicum of time. The sun was still on the horizon and I was hungry. I knew there was a nice taco stand nearby so I stopped and grabbed a few to eat while I finished my walk.

The taco guy was classically Hispanic and he played it all up wore the sombrero and everything. His accent was decidedly Queens though, probably grew up here and never stepped foot the other side of the border. Probably had family recipes though, traditions and all that. 

The taco’s were wrapped in tin foil and hot, not spicy hot – I wasn’t that brave. I didn’t really understand my food likes or dislikes all yet, and I didn’t want to run the risk of upchucking again. I’d already embarrassed myself enough around these supernatural people.

I found the address easily. It felt like I’d been here before – not in the past eleven weeks, but it felt comfortably safe. I don’t know why.

I knocked on the front door.

I heard movement on the other side and a woman soon answered. She was wearing a black leather dominatrix outfit with zippers in places that couldn’t be comfortable. She smiled brightly at me, “Are you here for the party?”

“Party? Uh, no.” I held up the card Alex had given me, “I wanted to talk to Mr. Sheridan about Abby and Will.”

Her eyes went wide and then she smiled, “You must be Nox.”

“You know of me?” I asked.

“Abby can’t shut up about you.” She grinned, “If she wasn’t in love with Will I’d think she had fallen for you.”

“She’s just a friend.” I clarified.

“I know. You like boys.”

I laughed. “Something like that.”

“Come in.”

“Uh…” I said.

She waved her hand, “It’s alright I’ll take you down to Adrian’s Office no one here will bother you.”

It wasn’t that I was worried about being bothered. This was clearly a sex party from her attire, but walking into the place made me think it was so much more than that. I took a deep breathe and felt calmer. I shouldn’t have. But with each step it felt like I knew where I was going, like each step made me safe, even though everything around me told me the opposite. 

Snapping of whips and rattling of chains were sounds I didn’t want to associate with safe. There were men and woman naked except for collars. There were others wearing leather like the woman in front of me. You could hear the sounds of pleasures and near orgasms as I descended into the darkness of the basement. 

She was chuckling as we landed on the carpeted floor of a very quiet room, “Adrian will be with you soon. You did well for what you just saw.”

“Would it surprise you to know that I’ve seen worse?”

“You mean you’ve seen an orgy before, one like that?”

I shrugged, “Not in the past three months, but in the past yes. I think I enjoyed being part of it.”

She patted my shoulder, “Doesn’t surprise me, you reacted to the smells as any good submissive would.”

“What smell is that?” I asked.

“Everyone has their own triggers. Today’s remedy is cedarwood, lime and eucalyptus. We use the combination when we have highly volatile subs who need to completely relax their minds but we don’t want them to fatigue.”

I laughed, “Are you saying I’m highly volatile?”

She grinned and offered her hand, “I’m Leah. Adrian’s wife. I’m not saying anything Nox, you know the truth.”

I sighed. Thing was I did know the truth. I didn’t remember being at a place like this, but the smell reminded me of safety. Leah left me alone in the office, and I just stood there taking in the lingering smell. I had noticed certain things triggered certain behaviors and this could explain it all. Somewhere in some life I’d enjoyed parties like this. But it didn’t interest me now. But the smell made me feel safe. And right now that’s what I needed – wanted more than life itself. Just to be safe and loved.

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