My Dream guy

And just like every night since waking up I dreamt of the same haunting blue eyes with an infamous smirk and a voice that makes my insides quiver.

The strangeness of the dream was comforting yet foreign all at the same time. I figured it was something I had done before but didn’t remember. The land was strange, it blinked and shimmered and I felt like many things were missing. There was nothing to do here, yet I felt it was an important place.

That second dream there was a soft noise behind me and I turned to find another stranger. Though he wasn’t a stranger I recognized him from the TV show I had just been watching. Q was just another face, however, because I recognized those bright blue eyes and smiled widely at him. “Hey.” I said.

“Hey yourself, why did you bring me here?”

“I didn’t.” I said.

“You called me, so I came.”

“I didn’t call you.” I frowned, “I was thinking about how you wore the face of a man in a TV show I was watching. I fell asleep.”

“You know you are sleeping and yet you say you didn’t call me.”

“Come on tell me this looks like you in reality?”

He smirked and on that face it looked strange, but I liked that smirk, “It is a strange place, what it is?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I feel like I should but I don’t.” I smiled at him wishing he’d come closer and all of a sudden he was standing inches from me instead of yards away. “Why did you wear this face?” I asked

“You were thinking about the other face, and the TV show so I’d play to that.”

“You don’t want me to know who you really are?” I frowned.

“I don’t want anyone to know who I am.”

“So you visit other dreams?” I asked

“I haven’t in a while, this is the second time in the same number of days that I have. I haven’t had the need, or desire until now.”

“So you are saying I’m breaking your bubble of abstinence.” I grinned.

“Something like that Pretty Boy.”

Electricity ran through my body at those words. Something about the way he said them. I didn’t know why he made me feel this way. But he felt like home, much like Abby had earlier in the day.

“Who’s Abby?”

“My new roommate. While I stay at a friends place until I can get on my feet.”

“Like family?”

“I feel like family?”

“Are you reading my mind?” I asked with a frown.

“Sorta,” he said, “You leak information, I’m not doing it on purpose.”

“I’m sorry.” I said and I woke myself up from the dream. The couch was uncomfortable and my back was sore. The time on my watch read 2am. I might as well get up. Something told me I’d be up in a few hours anyway.

I don’t know how I remembered, but I did a completely body weight workout mixed with yoga and never even missed a beat out in the park just down the road. It wasn’t Central Park, but it had grass and the likes and it was working for me. But even yoga and sweating didn’t keep the memory of that voice and those blue eyes from my mind. It was the only thing I could think about.

I made it back to Abby’s apartment in time for a shower and to make her breakfast before she woke up. The bacon and the coffee roused her early. “You making me breakfast?” she asked looking at the table settings for two.

“I figure it’s the least I can do if I’m going to eat your food.”

She laughed. “I could get used to this, even Will never cooked for me.”

“I’m sure he made you a killer cup of coffee though.”

Abby sat down with a fresh cup of coffee and sipped at it with a moan, “Nope – never like this.”

I shrugged, “Then why is he a night shift manager?”

She grinned, “Because he’s a good business man. He ran stocks some time ago, but he didn’t like it. But he knows how to pull in the crowds.”

“Interesting.” I smiled as I plated the bacon and eggs and set a plate for Abby then dished up my own. “I’ll just keep cooking for you, I don’t think I’ll ever bring home the bacon.” I grinned at my play on words which made Abby laugh.

It might not be the best place on the planet, but I felt at home here. Abby wasn’t my blood but it was easy to get along with her, she felt like family and I’d only known her a few hours.

She helped me prep for the interview at Brew later that morning. I didn’t really need much prep work – not really. You make coffee to order. So Abby tried to stump me as I started mixing whatever she asked for. Needless to say she drank a lot of coffee that morning.




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