My Brother The Alpha

There was a lot more people in the small room than we had anticipated.  Ant did the bodyguard thing and pushed away out of the crowd that had joined us in the flight to our home to save my, our family.  I didn’t know most of them, but they waited for the core of us to rush out into the chaos.  Wolves were fighting vampires, and other therians.  Some of them were shouting at others.  

But we had only the flux of power to go with, we all flowed towards the media room where the kids had been watching a movie.

The violence got less as we neared the room.  Until we rounded the corner and the door to the room was shut and barricaded.  I knocked on the door, “Let us in.”  I said.

There was a rush of sounds on the other side of the door as someone made to unlock it.  Matt was pulling back Cass as the door was flung open.  Matt relaxed visibly when he saw me and he let Cass go and was right with her when she wrapped her arms around me.  He didn’t hesitate any with the hug around my shoulders.  Soon followed by everyone except Rider.  “Where is Rider?”  Alex asked.

“Being Alpha.”  Laker said proudly.

“Alright.”  I looked at Ryan and he smiled without even a word he pulled the children inside.

Alec and Valentine followed as did Alex.  I grabbed Alex’s hand before he was out of reach and pulled him against me tight and kissed him hard and long and there were several people clearing their throats but it was Ryan who broke it up, “Get a room.” he quipped.

We both laughed.  Alex smiled, “We got this.  You  help Rider.”

Ant and my body guards followed.  The rest that had come with us had already separated and you could hear more scuffles throughout the place.  I sighed as I pushed more power through the leaking shields.  It wasn’t really leaking but that’s how they felt.  I felt whole and full and my power washed over everyone for the top five floors.  I felt Alex in my head.  _Tell them to sleep._  No innocents should be caught here.  The top five were all locked under Cari’s personal code – mostly vampires seeking her sanctuary.


_Focus on everyone who isn’t ours and tell them to sleep._

There was a nod of understanding in my head and I focused on my people, all who were bound to me no matter how big or small.  Everyone down the line was connected to us and anyone who wasn’t when Alex’s mental command went into them and the fighting stopped.

Everything stopped.  Everyone who wasn’t mine was collapsed on the ground.

There was a loud cheer echoing down the halls.  I could hear Rider among them.  I heard him issuing orders as he rounded the corner to and tried not to run as he wrapped his arms around me tightly.  For all his Alphaness, he was still my little brother.  _It’s safe now._ I called to Alex inside the locked room.

“You did good Rider.”

He grinned up at me and smiled, “I learned from the best.  We’ll get them all down in the cells.  Izzy can draw the runes just as easy as you can.  It’s not as cool, but she can do it.  Says she can do it better than you.  I want to see that.” Rider laughed and let me go.  “I’m glad you beat them, and thanks for that.  We have a few injured but no one dead.”

“Bring them into the media room, I’ll help them all heal.”  

He grinned.  “Cass and Hunter should help too.”

I nodded, “I’ll get them to help but I have a different plan.”

I walked back the way I had come and opened the media room door again and everyone was already helping the wounded get comfortable.  “Cass, Hunter, you think you can follow what I do?”

They both looked eagerly at me.  “You know the concept of extraordinary healing I used on Poppi?”

The both gave a nod.  “That’s what we are going to do.  Except not just on one person, the whole room.” I looked at Matt and he was already leaving.

“I’m gonna go help Rider.”  Laker was by his side in a heartbeat, “Me too.”  Fae was on their heels.  Matt knew why he was leaving the other two went because Matt was.  “Thank you three very much for keeping the little ones safe.”

Matt blushed and nodded.  “It was nothing really.”

Alex laughed as he held a shaking Quinn in his arms, “It was everything.”

I pulled all the elements around me and then let them flow into the room.  Cass and Hunter both followed what I did and they let their power go.  It was like watching three different Kaleidoscopes going off at one time.  I wavered and had to close my eyes.  Alex was there with Quinn and I wrapped my arms around both of them.  I didn’t open my eyes, the whole thing was over powering.  

I heard Cass squawk and I risked opening up my eyes to see Ryan pulling my daughter into his lap and covering her eyes with his hand.  And whispering into her ear.  There was a strange shimmering over the two of them, almost like I was seeing a mirage.  I blinked away the images of the two curled up together with a bouncing baby boy in their lap.  

I looked at Hunter and he was curled up with Valentina and burying his face in the vampires blonde curls.  Alec was snickering at it, but my son turned and looked at me and gave me a knowing smile and a simple nod of his head.  I wondered if I had tapped into his power a little in that vision.  Wondered if my daughter was going to fall in love with an 800 year older man who looked sixteen.

_It could be a whole lot worse._

He was right it could be a whole lot worse.  _We need to put an end to all this.  We need to talk to your friend._

Alex smiled.  “I’ll see if I can get a meeting.”

I gave Alex a nod and closed my eyes and buried my face against his neck and took comfort in the man holding me.  Alex was my everything and even as I spent the energy to heal the others, I was hoping that we’d one day have a happy life free of all this shit.

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