TRue Power

Alex laughed, “You didn’t even need us.”

“I did.”  I said with the stone still in my hand and blood all over the front of me for the second time that day.  As I came near Alex’s eyes grew wider.

“It’s brighter.”  He said.

I handed the stone to Alex and he took it hesitantly, watching it the whole time like it might bite him.  The stone’s glow shifted from the multi colored rainbow of mine to a different one, some colors were brighter and others dimmer.  I laughed, “See, I needed you.”

He handed it to Ant and we watched as the color’s shifted again.  Not the same as mine nor Alex’s.  Alex and I reached togehter to touch the stone in Ant’s hand and the color grew blindingly brighter.  Alec put his hand on my shoulder and it grew even brighter.

Dorian reached into the middle of us and the brightness grew again, but he plucked it from our hands and the light ceased completely. “Nox Sétanta is the new leader. ”  He smiled at me, “Is that them all now?” he joked.

Alex smirked, “The only ones he doesn’t rule is the humans.  I’m sure he’ll get them next.”

Dorian nodded, “Tomorrow is the monthly meeting with the councils human compatriots.  I will add it to your schedule.”

I looked at my former mentor and current friend and family member, “That would be excellent, I actually need to talk to them about some new construction anyway.”

“Dorian.”  I said and he looked at me, “You need to choose a new leader to rule your everyday lives with whom I will use like the others. And I need a common Venatori for that council too.  I think Walker will do.  He has potential.”

Dorian nodded, “Even after he tried to kill you?”

I nodded, “He was only doing what he was told, as was Emilio.  They aren’t strong enough on their own to do what Kai did.”

“Neither am I.”  Dorian frowned.

I smiled, “I’m strong enough for all of them.”  I said.  “No one will come to harm under while I watch over us.”

Alex added, “No more killing without a trial.  Bring them to the Night Life building, we’ll handle it from there.”  He said as if he were me.  

Dorian gave him a nod.  “As you wish it.”

I looked at Alex proudly.  Dorian was staring wide at him.  “What, we have prisoners now, we’ll keep on doing it until there is a trial.  They are well cared for.”  Alex added with confidence.

Dorian looked at me and I nodded, “As you wish.  I will make sure Jin has the information.”

“Jin is no longer with us.”  Ant said.  “You can add your meetings to his schedule as necessary.  For now until we hire someone else to do the job Jin did.”

“No more traitors please.”  Alex said with a smirk.

We’d all had enough of that.  But there was still Poet to deal with.  But right now life was better, and the threat to my life and that of my families was over.  I added one more thing as we started to leave, “And Dorian cancel all contracts on me and my own.”  I sighed, “One more thing, Dorian until you choose a leader you are in charge.”

No one balked.  I was clearly the winner.  I was clearly their leader.  “Bury Mark Green properly.”  I said before we entered the elevator.  

We stopped at each floor, the express elevator had stopped working but no one got on.  The passages outside the elevator were flooded with my people there were even Venatori mixed in the masses.  All wanting to see the winner.  All waiting.

It felt strange feeling so many people tied to my existance.  The world revolving around little old me. It felt like the end of an era.  

“The start of a new one, pretty boy.”  Alex interrupted as he pushed me against the wall and stole my attention with a kiss.

I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against his.  He chuckled, “He’s getting lost in the events.  We have a race to do and wolves to meet.”

“They are going to the pack tonight.”  Ant said.

“We all are.”  Alex added, “Rider suggested we all be part of the pack festivities.  Those of us who don’t change can stay at the camp fire with the rest of the young ones.”

Ant laughed, “A camping trip sounds good.”

“Hot dogs and S’mores.”  Alec agreed.  “All of us?”

Alex shrugged.  “You’ll have to ask Rider.  He’s big boss man now.”

We all laughed as we piled out of the elevator finally.  It was going to be a good night full of family.  The only thing that would make it better would be just me and Alex, but my family was the closest thing to just us.

There was a commotion ahead of us.  One of the vampires I didn’t know came up to me, “He’s been trying to get through for a while now.”

“He’s a wolf.”  I said.  “Let him through.”  The crowd parted as the wolf ran up to me, Adrian was right by my side.  

“What’s wrong Ham?”  Adrian asked.

“There is an attack.  The young Alpha is fighting them off.”

And just like that the mood changed.  And everyone with me looked at Ant and with little coaxing and effort on all our parts we shifted into the shadows and were inside the apartment, the whole floor sounded like a war zone.




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