The Architect

We took the elevator up stairs, I pressed myself against Alex and Alec politely ignored us.  Not that we didn’t behave, but we were both in that state of need where we really should be alone for a while just to make sure we were both alright.  Alex whispered, “I’m alright if you are pretty boy.”

The memories of killing a version of Alex flooded my head.  “You knew baby.”  He said sharply in my ear.  “I came as fast as I could.  I’m sorry I was doing my thing.”

I sighed and pulled away from Alex to look him dead in the eye, “You can always take care of yourself.  I lived without you for a very long time, and I don’t want to do it again.  Your health, mental or physical needs to be a priority, too.”

Alex pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me.  I buried my face against his neck.  “I think we need another vacation.”

I sighed with a soft laugh, “We have to deal with the Venatori threat.  They aren’t going to leave us alone.”

The door dinged and Vin was standing there tapping pacing.  “Without Jin we have no one to greet people.”

I sighed, “Find someone Vin.”

“That’s not my job.”  He rolled his eyes.  “I’ll see if Allison can help.”  Vin pointed in the direction of the kitchen, “The architect is here.”

Vin started to walk away, “You and Alec are on me while Griffin is down on cell duty for three days.”

Vin stopped and turned to look at me and frowned.  I gave him a reassuring grin, “You can do both while you protect me.”

He sighed and nodded, “I’ll call Allison and then join you in the kitchen.”

Alec added, “There is a competition tonight for all Nox’s bodyguards.”  He winked at Vin and the other man just kept walking.  “I don’t think he beleives me.”

“I’m sure Griffin will tell everyone.”  Alex said.  He wrapped his arm around my waist and we headed into the kitchen.

The man I’d called in was standing in the kitchen looking at the counter top.  Alex cleared his throat and the man jumped.  I could feel his power – he was a were bear.  A piece inside me shivered.  Memories were a bitch.

He smiled at me.  “Nox Sétanta, the boy who could.”

Alex laughed, “Does everyone call him a boy?”

“He’s been a boy since before most of us were here, so yes.  But it’s not meant in a bad way,” the man said.  “Name’s Ged.  I run the crew that built this place.  I don’t think I’ve been in the building since we finished it.”

“This is Alex Kennedy.”  I introduced.   “This is a nice place.  How much of your crew is supernatural?” I asked.

“The whole crew.  And I can hire more.  What are you thinking?”  The bear asked.  And he looked like a right bear.  He was huge.  Could break me in half.  Alex growled under his breath and I knew what he thought I couldn’t help but smile at his possessiveness showing even when I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort.  I wrapped my arm around Alex and curled closer to him while we talked.

“I want a location on a lay line.  And I want to spell the metal and build it in a very specific shape.”

Ged groaned, “And I’m sure you want to make it with the special glass.”

I nodded, “Yes.  It will be the safest place in all New York city for the supernatural.”

“That’ll be an impressive feat.”  He sat down and smiled, “Tell me more.”

Alex sat down next to him and I stood next to Alex on the far side away from Ged so Alex didn’t think I was making moves or anything.  But really it was so I could look at them both and still touch Alex.  I needed that.  I needed to feel his warmth against my body.  I was being clingy and needy and I was going to drive Alex nuts with it if it kept up too long.

_Not a fucking chance pretty boy._  He pressed a kiss to my check, _I love that you need me so badly._

The discussion was pretty much just me telling Ged what i wanted.  I drew the run I wanted to build.  told him, I wanted a third of the building to be open to the public.  another third to be easily construct able habitats for human use.  And the remaining third to be studio apartments with runes to make them the size the occupant needed.  And a basement of course.  I asked about how far we could go.  I needed one or two levels of studio size apartments for vampires with the runes, and the remainder could be closet size cells meant to hold the criminally magicked brethren of our society.

The last bit made his eyes go wide.  “You intend to imprison instead of kill?”

“Isn’t that more me?” I grinned. “Besides I already have one in a cell and I need to make sure she stays that way for the foreseeable future.”

He nodded.  “Of course. But that could be dangerous.”

“Trust me.”  I said.  I don’t think he did, but he nodded and we continued our discussion.

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