8 days to Go

In 8 days The Power of Succession will end. In 9 days we will start book 1 of the Forgotten arc — title Lost in New York.

AJ is in the middle of plotting the next book for the Forgotten arc and we are in the middle of toying with the idea of writing it. AJ has not been following threw with her plan to code and is focusing on editting which is in my favor but against her real needs. I need to help push her in the right direction instead of wanting to write the next book.

I am more than just a writing muse after all.

But 9 days to start words you’ve never seen.

2 thoughts on “8 days to Go

  1. I’m looking forward to it! :D

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    1. Me too. It’s different. This next one is even more so. Hopefully it’ll be ready to share when that one’s done.

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