Confronting the Betrayer

But I took the time for me.  And a little for Alex.  He was Chevalier now, his wounds healed faster and with my help they healed even faster.  He just sort of stared in awe as the cuts on his fists healed with in seconds.  Though they had already started and the bruises had already started to fade.  

I didn’t mention the fight, or the feeling good about venting some fustration.  Alex had killed with my power, that was going to take a little longer than we had right that moment to process.  And I’d help him do that.

When my food was finished and Alex helped me get dressed.  He picked out clothes that were nice but ones he didn’t care if I trashed while I went to confront Jin.  And god knew who else.  Apparently the pants I’d been wearing had been new.

Alex smirked at me, “You actually let me dress you up wouldn’t you?”

I shrugged, “I’ll wear whatever you want.  Except nothing unless it’s only in our bedroom.”

Playful thoughts drifted through my head, some mine, others were his, but we both saw them as if we were one.  I grinned at Alex, “I love you in my head.”

Alex straightened the hem of my t-shirt and smirked.  “You just love me inside you, plain and simple.”

I blushed, it was the truth.  He pressed a kiss to my lips and I groaned at the fact that I had to go be ‘king’ for another few hours.  It was too early, the moon was high and there was a moment of panic setting in.

Alex interrupted my thought, “Adrian came and collected the boys.  Rider sent me a text while I was out asking what you were doing and to tell me they were with the pack.  He didn’t want to bother you since he could feel your power all the way upstate.”

“Did Rosana feel it?”

Alex shrugged, “I’ll go ask Isabelle unless you need me to do this.”

I shook my head, “No I can do this, it’s no different than confronting a bad guy.”

Alex shook his head, “When did this become my normal.”

“When you fell in love with me.”  I said with a smile.

“No, that was a long time ago.  I just denied it.  But since meeting you, most definitely.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and pulled open the bedroom door.  Vin was outside.  “Did you do what I asked?”

He looked up almost surprised to see me.  “Damn, I…”  he blinked at me and nodded but he didn’t know what to say.  The power I was exuding was astronomical in comparison to my normal bottled self.  I wasn’t sure I liked that people could feel it all the time.  It didn’t make sense.  But then again I wasn’t hunting rogues anymore, I was protecting an entire supernatural culture.  I didn’t need to hide.

Behind us Eddie trailed and Alex broke off down Isabelle and Ant’s hall.  “Did you find anything out Vin?”  I asked.

Griffin was close on my heels.  He wasn’t going to leave me.  Too many times on his watch.

Vin sighed.  “Nothing.  Actually found nothing.”

“Like someone cleaned up her life?”

Vin nodded.  “Yeah, I asked Wicked to take a look.  You trust him right?”

“With my life, Vin, with my life.”

He nodded.  “I trust you my prince.  I will trust him.”

“But you will finish the job assigned you?”  I stopped in the hall.

“If that is your desire.”

I nodded, “It is.  You are right to question people you don’t trust.  And right now I don’t trust anyone except those closest to me.  I want you on that until it’s completed.  I want you to vet every employee we work with.  You are new head of personell.  Security clearance or whatever you want to call it.  It comes before body guard duty.”

“I enjoy the job.” Vin sounded like he was actually whining about not standing guard over me, “But, I will do the job given to me.”

“Thank you.  You can go do whatever it is you used to do, or start working on it now.  Griffin’s got me.  And Alec is lurking around the corner so I’ve got plenty of man power around me.”

Griffin added, “Jae is with Alex and Seraph is with Ant.  I don’t think it’s just you they want dead anymore.  Word is spreading.”  He laughed softly before adding, “And this new power display isn’t going to help.”

“We need to talk to Jin, and then we can deal with the Venatori.”

“What are you going to do?”  Alec asked his French accent completely gone for the moment.

“Deal with it after Jin.”  I said.  “Let’s go.”

We found Jin in the make shift office pouring over the calls she’d gotten.  I knew that from the mild telepathy I had gained.  That was on top of her thoughts.  “Got a moment?”  I interrupted.

She looked up and nodded, “Always for you.”  He smile was bright and cheerful and there wasn’t a hint of betrayal on her mind.  Nor did she look at all surprised that I was alive.

“Did Alex bring food with him when you saw him last?”

She looked at me, “I never saw him.  I’ve been in here.”

“He said he gave you the food he’d gone to pick up at Marco’s.”

She looked at me and frowned.  “He never did.  I swear I’ve not seen him.”

I sighed, “I believe you, but you let a Venatori in knowingly.”

Her face paled and it was all the confirmation I needed, “Are you working for Poet or the New World Order?”

She blinked at me but didn’t answer either way.  “Why did you keep those calls from me?”  I asked another question.  I sorta wished I’d kept Alex with me.  But she was a vampire it likely wouldn’t work with her like it does on humans.  Vampires, especially Primeval ones like Jin, could protect against all vampire magic with training.

But she didn’t answer me for that one either.  “Since you aren’t denying it, you won’t mind accompanying me down into the cells then.”

She stood up and lunged at me with barred fangs and growing claws at her finger tips.  I wrapped her up in air with a mere thought.  “You were loyal or so I thought.  Seems you had a price.  You’ll find that reward won’t be reaching you.  I’ll let you call your master, but he won’t ever get to you.”  

I looked at Griffin and Alec who were just watching me, neither of them had made a move to save me which made me curious what they were seeing.  “Down to the cells please.”  I said to Griffin and he merely nodded, but as he turned around I saw a slip of a smirk play on his lips as he lead the four of us deep down into the depths of what was going to be Jin’s new hell.

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