Helping the People

My laptop had sat unused for a few days on the table in our room. It wasn’t a desk, and Alex had very few personal belongings here himself. Not that he had much at his apartment but even though we were mystically married I had a feeling we’d always have two separate homes. No matter how much room I made for him in my life – Alex was a drifter. I knew that going in.

And as he said Forever is a long time. I could deal with my personal life later, right now I had work to do and thankfully my love understood. The information Jin sent me was extensive. Three hundred people and then some had called and there was files for it all.

There was a ping on my laptop and I looked at the message.  

> Cross referencing as we speak.

I laughed. “We aren’t speaking.”

> Ha! ha!

I opened up Sage’s program and started looking at his reports and not Jin’s. Not that Jin’s information was invalid, I just trusted Sage to put it together in a better way. And he enjoyed working with me so I never really stopped him.

There was a lot of harassment but no real harm to anyone. It seemed that businesses were being threatened. Schools being notified. And the Venatori weren’t hiding the fact that they were interfering.

“I can’t do anything about human affairs.”  

> I can help.

“Get Trix to do what you can to fix their problems. The Venatori are attacking my people in a way I can’t do anything about.”

> You could make friends in the city. *grin* You could run for mayor.

“Yeah no,” I said. But it was a thought. I’d have to talk to people, could we get the City in on this?  It would make life a lot easier if we had human contacts to things the right way.  “Are there anything in that business that needs my specific attention.”

> No. All appears to be disputes that require no fighting or supernatural intervention. I’ll ping you if it does. Chev is helping too – he’s bored.

“Good man. Thanks.”

> Our pleasure. Dee is doing better, she wants to apologize.

I sighed. “Soon.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to see her soon, but Sage was my friend I would have to sooner or later and we promised to help.

I still had the whole Jin problem, why had she not told me about all this.  Several days and several calls and I was just not hear about it.  I didn’t like it.  I sent a text message to Vin to see me when he got up.  The sun was almost down, but it was a few hours yet.

And that also meant that the twins and Fae needed a place to change at for the night.  Tomorrow would be the full moon and they would likely transition again tonight even though this morning saw their first.  I wasn’t sure how it would all work out now the should still be in the throws of pain and agony of their first shift.

I picked up the phone and called Adrian.  

“About time you called.”  Adrian growled at me.

I sighed, “I think I’m having problems with the help.  I need to talk to Vin and Ant about it.  But I have two things I have to talk to you about.”

Adrian chuckled, “And I have things to talk to you about.”

“You go first.”  I said.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, Adrian.  Let me hear what’s going on.”

“It seems our past isn’t quite so unknown, I have police questioning me about past behaviors and they are investigating my practices.”

“Fuck!”  I said.

“Adrian, I’m sorry.”

“There is nothing wrong Nox, nothing you can do.  But if you could file a statement, get Margo to write a letter that would go a long way in helping this.  My practice is shut down for the inforseeable future and likely I’ll be ruined as a therapist.  Thankfully the side business is easy enough.  I’ll get with Jaxen and see if he can and his lawyers can help too.  He’s likely in the same situation.”

“Maybe, but he’s just human.  He doesn’t need to pick a side.  Let me know how else I can help.”

“Nox, don’t worry about me.”

I laughed, “If you didn’t want me to worry then why did you tell me?”

“You know why.”  Adrian sighed, “So what do you need from me?”

“I called to see if there was anything I could do to help with you and your pack?”

“The pack is your’s Nox.  They don’t come to me even if you say I lead.”

“How do I make you Beta?”

Adrian laughed, “There hasn’t been a beta in the Lone Wolf Pack in history.”

“Well the Lone Wolf Pack hasn’t been tied to a non-shifter in history either.”

“Good point.  I’ll get with Dom figure that all out.  Since you want it official.”

“And the second thing, The twins shifted this morning.”

“What?  They aren’t too young.”

I laughed, “Hello?  Do you know me?  My magic fucks everything up.  I helped them transition, they are boys right now, I think they need to join the pack tonight, and for the next three nights when you guys go out.”

“Absolutely.  I’ll come pick them up myself.”

“Adrian, Rider’s an Alpha.  My alpha.”

“You know this already?”

I laughed, “I think I’ve always know it.  Whenever he’s around he’s got this thing about him.  He’s sixteen and he’s going to need help.”

“Nox if that’s the case, then he’s your beta not me.  You have never ever submitted to my wolf.”

“But he’s not part of the Lone Wolf Pack.”

Adrian laughed, “No and the Lone Wolf Pack will be dissolved into whatever you call your pack Nox.  You are the Lone Wolf Pack.  You embody what it means to accept everyone no matter what. The Lone Wolf Pack is no more if you submit to Rider.”

I let out a long deep breath, “It’s not so much submit as yield, and obey.  He is my alpha.”

“And you are his omega.  Your pack is lucky, two close omegas.  You will be a strong pack if you can protect two.  I will guide the youngling.  He will need that help in the beginning.  I will be over as soon as the nice officers let me leave my living room.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“Will do.  See you soon.”  Adrian said hanging up.  What a fucking mess!

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