Pool Side Cuddling

We had dinner and Rider took all the kids, and wolves too with him.  Seraph went with them though she looked back and me pleading not to have to spend time with them.  But she went.  And Rider had proven that he was an Alpha to everyone.  He commanded, the little ones follow.  He was sixteen and he was going to need help.  I hoped both Adrian and Dom would assist.  But Dom might not.

The rest of us went our separate ways.  Ryan was doing the kitchen clean up.  Ant and Izzy went off to be alone.  Me and Alex sat out by the pool in the same lounge chair.  Kissing and cuddling under the sun.  Alex’s hands wandered lower and even though he didn’t like to share, he still got a thrill out of public sessions.  His hands were cool against my hot skin.  “Full moon?” Alex asked.

I nodded, “Yeah.  I think Rider pulled from me more than the boys.”

Alex chuckled, “You do have power to spare.”

“I wish I didn’t.”  I groaned out as Alex’s hand grabbed my cock.  

“So easy pretty boy.”  Alex whispered as he bit at his favorite spot on my exposed neck while he brought me closer and closer to the top.

My phone rang, and we let it ring.  Both of us ignoring it until it went to voicemail.  But it wasn’t long before the phone stated ringing again.  It happened two more times in immediate succession before Alex stopped and grabbed my phone, “What the fuck is so important you can’t leave a message?”

“Well hello to you too.”  The voice said.  “I need to speak to my King.”

“He’s busy right now.”

“You are free to keep playing with him while I talk to him but it’s important.  Like life or death important, Alex.  His life.  And others too.”

I took the phone from Alex and he growled.  But he hunkered back down and his hand went back into my shorts he was going to take Darwynn up on his offer.  I groaned as I answered the phone.

“He’s really going to do it?”

“Seems that way.”  I said through the pleasure.  Darwynn was going to get a show.  “What’s up?”

“Jin hasn’t told you?”

“Told me what?”

Darwynn sighed, “There is shit going down here.  We have some wolves who’ve sworn loyalty to you winding up in jail under false charges.  Dom’s at his wits end and I can’t keep the ones from your new pack in check either.  They all want to run.  Nox something is happening down here.  The Venatori are rounding up all your supporters or making their lives hell.”

Alex’s hand stopped and he growled.  “Fuck.  I need to go call Benji.  He keeps calling me but won’t leave a message.”

I nodded.  He leaned over and kissed me softly, “Sorry for teasing you pretty boy.”

I chuckled, “I’m not.”

Alex just rolled his eyes and shook his head as he went to go find a quiet spot to talk to his friend.  Griffin came out of whatever bush he was hiding in and sat down next to me.

“Your game done?”

I nodded.  “Darwynn, see what you can do.  I’ll get with Jin later to figure out why she’s been keeping this from me.  We’ll be home as soon as the kids get back with the wolves who transitioned early.”

“What?”  He asked surprise filling his voice.

“Lake and Rider transitioned this afternoon.”

“They aren’t still working through it?  First turns are all day affairs, and hey are what?  sixteen?”

“I helped them through the process and yeah, they are sixteen.  Riders a clear alpha he’s going to need help to learn the pack ways.  I don’t know who’s going to challenge him.”

“No one’s gonna challenge the King’s brother.  But I got him.  I’ll teach him.  Swear to him, but I’m yours.”

“I appreciate both, but if Rider needs your full support to do this, do it.  Rider will always have mine, so we’d be good.”

“Alright.  I’ll see what I can do around here until you get back.  But Nox, that’s not the only reason I called.”

I waited for Darwynn to continue and we sat in silence for a while before he sighed, “I don’t really know how to say this.  But your head is worth a pretty penny.  The Venatori are personally hiring assassins to kill you.”

“I know there has been three rather poor attempts on my life already.”

Darwynn growled, “Do you know who?”

I shook my head, “No man, Griffin saw a sniper outside my house, but we’ve not seen anyone since.”

“A new guard?”

“Yeah.  An old friend of Alex’s.”

“An old friend huh?  That’s gotta be fun.”

“It’s better now that I put him on the ground.”  Griffin growled at the memory but he was smiling as he did so.

“Alright.  Darwynn, the boys need to run with the pack tomorrow, you can arrange that with Dom and/or Adrian?”

“I can.  I’ll do that while I do the rest of this holding the fort down.”


“No problem, man.”  He said then hung up the phone.

I tucked my phone back in my pocket and looked at Griffin, “Do you enjoy watching?”

He chuckled, “Not my thing.  I didn’t see anything once I realized what was going on.”

“Alex isn’t going anywhere Griffin.  He married me in the strictest sense of the word.  Tied by soul and magic now, and a byproduct of that are the twins inside Isabelle’s belly.  This isn’t some con he’s going to leave eventually on.  He’s here for the long haul.  You need to either get on board, or go. I’m not threatening you.  I’m just stating a fact.  The Alex you knew, he’s not there anymore.  At least he’s trying not to be.  He changed his whole world for me.  And I’d change my whole world for him.  But it’s not so easy when prophecy dictates my life.”

“Prophecy huh?”  Griffin laughed, “The chosen one.  King, and whatever else the fuck you are.  I’m involved now, and you prove to be at least competent enough.  I don’t see what Alex sees in you.  Sure the pretty face and fucking hot bod but the rest was never Alex’s thing.”

“You mean the selflessness?”

Griffin nodded, “The good Samaritan.”

“Yeah, that’s all me.”  I said standing up, “He’s always claiming I’m a bad influence on him.”

Griffin nodded, “Bad, yeah right.  But he’s happy.  I see that.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen him that happy, not even when it was him and his mom.”

I smiled.  I didn’t want to say what I thought about his mom.  Alex felt the same way deep down, but he loved her too.  Just like I loved my shitty mom too.

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