Change of Plans

AJ keeps saying that we are going to be doing a romancey story in August. Something fun and easily written. But then we have book 6 sitting in the winds. BUT AJ thinks we are going to keep on editing and in addition to that she’s going to work on a coding project.

There is a big reason WHY she wants to do this, but I’m not allowed to say.

However AJ is keeping tabs on it on another blog — though it’s not updated regularly and AJ hasn’t posted in a bit about it. But it’s meant to track her changes through the process of making the app.

While I’d love to say AJ is working on her writing app, or her epic ebook app she isn’t. She went with something a little more easily defined and less work. One of the apps AJ has always wanted to do is an all encompassing notebook/journal type system. Everything from meal plans and grocery lists, to do lists, reminders, birthdays, a journal, a calendar system — a small list of would be nice to haves.

But it’s not quite so complicated as that RIGHT now. AJ’s going for the simple approach of making an online bullet journal. The basic core concepts of a bullet journal online. You can check it all out at her new blog.





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