Dealing with Dan

I turned around to see Dan walking towards us.  I glared at him.  Alex moved me to the side, he wanted to step in front of me but I think he held back because he wanted to see what I’d do.

“Bye, Dan.”  I said taking Alex’s hand and walking towards Dan to move past him, but he stepped in my path.  He tried to pull his presence around him and be bigger than he was.  I just chuckled.  “That’s not going to work anymore.”

Dan wasn’t sensitive to the occult.  Nothing about him even whimpered supernatural, but I pulled on pack magic and the alpha inside me and I stepped into Dan.  “Back off.”

Alex put his hand between us pulling me away from the blond hair blue eyed man.  “If you don’t go, I’ll let him hit you this time.”

Dan’s eyes were wide.  In fear and in surprise but he said nothing as Alex guided me away.

“Where did that come from?”

I shrugged, “You don’t want me backing down.  He’s nothing right.”

“So this is all part of the  new you?”

I shrugged again.  “I dunno.  But I promised you I wouldn’t let anyone else manipulate me.”

“So you go all alpha?”  Alex chuckled, “Rider would be so proud.”

I rolled my eyes but sighed, “He’s becoming more alpha everyday.”

“You noticed that too.  He doesn’t even try and everyone listens – including us.”

I grinned, “My brother is a born Alpha.  His brother is born Omega.”

Alex laughed, “You think Laker would have been someone’s bitch no matter what?”

I nodded.  “Not in a bad way, but yes.  Laker relies on his brother as much as I do.  But I think it’s a hereditary thing.”  I smiled, “I mean look at my twins, Cass is so much more bossy than Hunter.  I think my mom’s line of twins split the alpha and omega just like the days and the cusp of the zodiac signs.”

“Wait…  You are telling me that Laker and Rider have different birthdays and they are born in different zodiacs?”

“So was my mother and her twin, and I’m going to go so far as to say me and my dead sister too.  And Hunter and Cass were.”

“That’s one hell of a coincidence.”

I shrugged, “Not with a wiccan line.”

“Your mother was wiccan?”

I nodded, “She didn’t practice nor did her mother, but from the records her grandmother did.  I think your Kish and Karma knew her before she died.”

“When did you find all this out?”

“After you and Sage kidnapped me with all those files you stole from the Venatori.”  I said.

“I didn’t know you had them.”

“Doc gave them to me when I started looking into my dna after I died.”

Alex and I talked while we walked up and down the rows getting closer and closer to the music.  I tried to stand still and I could feel Alex’s amusement at my effort.  The music was loud, the talking had to become yelling.  But instead of just a band playing there was a group of young people – had to be high school age, I wouldn’t say any older than the boys at home.  The music started playing and the kids all started to dance.  Choreographed and everything, not just girls, but boys too – much more so than a dance studio, but probably was one from back home. 

The music was from the roaring 20s.  The kids were all dressed like they came from that era.  The long flared skirts made the girls look the part with their white knee high socks and Mary Janes.  But there was one girl off to the side.  “Poor kid.”  It sucked to be left out.

She was tall for a girl her age, shaggy brown hair she pulled back in a pony tail.  It looked all a frizz in this weather.  She was cute in that girl next door sort of way, but everyone else was looking at her like he was a leper. 

“You mind?”  I asked Alex.

He smirked, “I don’t know if I should let my husband dance with teenage girls, he might get the wrong idea.”  He nodded in her direction, “Go make her day!  Charm the fuck out of her, as if you even have to try.”

I leaned in and kissed Alex softly.  It was sweet and tender and I didn’t want to leave, but he pushed me away with a smirk, “So easy.”

I gave him a bow and smiled at him.  I did love him so much.

I went up to the girl and stood next to her.  “Why aren’t you out there?”

She looked up at me and frowned, “Shelly’s partner is sick, so she took mine.”

“I could help you out.”

She laughed, “I doubt it.  Unless you know the moves I’m stuck out here.”

“It’s a simple thing.  I learned the steps when I was 13.”

She turned to look at me.  She frowned but then she let out a sigh, “You really want to go out there and make a fool out of both of us.  When was the last time you danced like that?  20 years ago.”

I laughed.  “Hardly.  Yesterday to be a matter of fact.  Had a party and the songs on my play list was this one.  Come on, try me.  You won’t regret it.  I promise.”

She sighed and took my hand.  “Whatever, it’s better than sitting here.”  She lead me out and between songs she set up.  “We are doing the Lindy Hop next.”

I nodded, “No problem.”

In the mood came over the speakers and I just chuckled.  It wasn’t always the same so I’d have to take the cues from her but it was easy enough and I could out dance any of these kids.

She was frustrated at first and then we quickly fell into the music and the moves and she followed my lead with a bright smile on her face.  I grinned back at her as the music took us across the dance floor.  Twisting and turning, she whispered, “Here is the big…”  He didn’t finish talking as we twisted and turned a few more times and she was effortlessly flying into the air over my back to land on her feet. 

Her smile couldn’t be bigger and we finished the rest of the dance with that smile.  I was happy to make her day.  _Good job pretty boy._  My heart soared, it had been a while since Alex had intoned his nick name on me.  It made me even happier than helping this girl out.

The song ended and the troop went on to the next one, but the girl declined, “No that’s good.  They’ll never forget it now.” 

A boy came up to her and smiled at me. “Meg, wanna finish the rest with me?  I’m sorry.  You know how she can be.”

She laughed, “I’d love to.” 

They went off to finish their performance and Alex came over to me.  “If I didn’t know better I’d say she had a crush on the boy who saved her, but she’s crushing on her dance partner hard.”

I laughed, “And you would know.“




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