breakfast Run

Breakfast finished and Rider took out the garbage.  There was a yelp.  Rider rushed back inside the house, “Um, are raccoons allergic to honey too?”

“Why?”  We all asked at the same time.

“There is a dead raccoon with the cake you threw out last night.”

Griffin was the first one out the door.  I followed after him.  He was inspecting things.  “Thoughts?” I asked.


“But people ate it last night.  Tell me people are dead now after our party?”  I turned to Alex, “Where did Mia get this cake?”

“Mia didn’t bring that, she brought chocolate. I don’t know whee that one came from.”  Alex said.

“Did anyone eat it?”

Alex shrugged.

“Mia brought a honey chocolate cake?  You are sure?”  I asked.

“Positive.”  Alex said.  “I don’t know where that one came from.”

I tapped at my phone and called Sage.  He answered groggily, “What?”

“I need you to mass call everyone and make sure everyone is alright.  Anyone who was here, we have a poisoned cake.  Hopefully no one ate it.” 

“I’ll get on it.  Might take some time.”

“I appreciate it.”  I hung up.

I looked to Ant, “Can you take the raccoon and the cake to Doc see what he comes up with?”

“Yeah I will.”  Ant grabbed the dead coon by the tail and took a bag from the other garbage and grabbed some of the poison.  “Might take a while.”  Ant looked at Griffin, “He’s in your care.  He dies, I kill you.  If Alex dies, I’ll let Nox kill you.”

Griffin smirked, “Got it boss.  He’s priority number one.  Your number two can stay here with them.  With Jae and Seraph.  I’m with him 100% of the time.”

Alex laughed.  “I guess it could be worse.  He sucks at blending in though.  So stay out of our bedroom.”

Griffin rolled his eyes.

“Dorian told me, the Venatori want me dead. Kai confirmed it.”

Ant sighed, “Alright.  We’ll deal with that.  Griffin won’t leave Nox’s side.  And the others will stand with us for a change.  But we are on vacation and I’m sure as fuck not going to let some little death threats ruin that.”

Griffin growled, “There have already been two attempts on his life.”

“And?”  Alex laughed, “If we go home they’ll know exactly where he is.  Right now they don’t have any idea.”  Alex grinned at me, “You go for that run I know you are dying to go on.  De-stress, the rest of us will play in the sand and pool.”

I wrapped Alex up in my arms and kissed him softly.  Ant growled as he walked past, “Outta the way lover boys.”

Alex laughed and we stepped aside.  “Go run.  Griff has your back.”

I nodded, “I’ll be fine.”

“I know you will.”  Alex said.  He gave Griffin a look and I’m sure he was telling him things in his head he didn’t want me to hear.  I was okay with that.

I looked at Griffin and he sighed, “I hate you.”  And then he was off running in front he turned around and jogged backwards, “You coming slow poke?”

I started after him patting Hunter and Cass on the head as I headed off into the sand to run until my legs hurt. 

 I ran and Griffin followed.  He was cursing me out the whole time. Granted he wasn’t saying anything but I was hearing him none-the-less. It was disconcerting.

The sand made the run more difficult and my legs were burning from the exertion.  A familiar face stood in front of me as I stopped gasping for air.  His blond hair and blue eyes gave me a chill.  And not in a good way.  He smiled at me, and looked at Griffin who was stopping next to me. 

Griffin hunched over to catch his breath, “Fucking hate you.”

I laughed, “So next time let Ryan come with me.”  I looked across at my ex and frowned, “Hey.”

“Hi.  It’s been a while.”

I nodded, “Busy.”  And I avoided him.  Was funny that I’d run into him now, after we’d made our marriage official.

“I heard.”  Dan chuckled, “Married.  This the lucky guy?”

“Fuck no.”  Griffin said.

“Anne Marie told me yesterday but I’d already had plans.”

“I don’t think Alex would have appreciated my ex showing up this party.”  At those words Griffin stood up straighter and squared his shoulders.  “I need to get going.”  I said and turned, but Dan caught my arm.

“You don’t have to go so soon.  I just want to talk.”  He squeezed my arm tighter to keep me from moving.

“We can talk later, right now I need to get home.”  I looked at Griffin and he nodded.

“We are on a timer, let’s go.”  He said and nodded in the direction of home but he didn’t move.  And Dan didn’t let go.

I tried to pull out of his grip but he was holding on too tight.  I could force him to but I might hurt him.  He was just human after all.

And then just as suddenly as he grabbed me Dan was slapping at his arm with the hand holding me.  “Fucking bugs!”

I stepped away from him. “I’ll see you around.”  I said and didn’t wait for an acknowledgment as I ran back towards the beach house.

Griffin was at my side as I took it slower than usual.  “Some ex you got there.”

“Yeah.  Lasted two weeks.  But only because I have good friends.”  I said.

“That’s your type isn’t it?  Big, athletic…”

“You mean like you?”  I grinned.  “I liked the preceived danger of a bigger man.”

“But not with Alex?”  Griffin asked.

“With Alex, it’s different.”  I sighed, “I’ve loved him for so long he’s just perfect.”

Griffin laughed hard but had to stop as he caught his breath in great gasps.  “He’s a good fuck, but perfect I doubt.”

“For me.”  I said.  “You still good? I need more after that encounter.”

Griffin sighed, “How the fuck do your other body guards do this?”  But he nodded, “I can keep up.”

I laughed, “My other body guards are supernatural.”

Griffin groaned but he did keep up.  We ran past the beach house and down the other way before turning back to the beach house.  I was still feeling the fear and anxiety from Dan.  It wasn’t that Dan would hurt me, but he could and would manipulate me with ease – even now.

“I won’t tell Alex about the dick.”  Griffin said as we walked the remainder of the way to the beach house once it was in sight.

“Thanks, but I’ll be telling him.”  I said.  “It’s not a secret.“

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