Oh Jealousy

All the kids got in the water at one point or another, we all played a little Marco Polo until Ryan called for dinner.  He looked at me and grinned as all the kids piled into the house dripping wet.  Hunter pulling up the rear sucking up all the water with an ingenious weave of air and fire.  It was something I would have to try at a later date.  I wondered how he figured it out.  He hadn’t learned it from me.

Ryan shut the door behind him and I continued my laps.  I was hungry but I was still feeling the effects of my mental breakdown before.  A little physical activity alone was just what the doctor ordered – literally.  Ryan just gave me that look that said not you.

I swam back and forth with my body guards just watching.  Well one body guard anyway.  Seraph went inside with the rest.  Jae stood watch on the lounge chair. 

I heard the gate open and Alex talking on the phone.  “So tomorrow, bring that cake and your bundle of joy and we’ll celebrate.”

He hung up and I could feel his eyes following me across the pool.  “He been in here the whole time?”

Jae nodded, “The kids pulled him away to play a game with them, but yes, never got out.  But he looks better, so it’s good.”

Alex laughed, “He always does better with some exercise.”  He winked at me as I came up and turned the other way.  When I came back he was sitting on the edge of the pool, his socks and shoes discarded by the wall and his shirt tossed to the side.  He wasn’t in the water yet, but he looked almost ready to jump in.

I asked at the far end, “So what have you been up to?”

Alex grinned, “Come here and I’ll tell you.”

I swam to Alex and stood up between his legs.  His fingers glancing across my shoulders and down my arms before he settled them on my hips.  He looked at me with lust filled eyes and I heard the triad of thoughts running through his head.  I blinked and before I could say anything Alex pushed me backwards and I fell into the water gasping for breath flailing to catch my balance.

When I came back up Alex was there hands on my hips.  He’d jumped in and slicked his hair back from his face.  My entire body reacted to the way he looked.  Water dripping from his nose, and hair, the sheen on his skin.  That sparkle in his eye.  “Fuck pretty boy.”  He grinned at me as he pulled me close to kiss.

The kiss wasn’t desperate, it was hot and heavy but we took our time.  We had all the time in the world.  We were alone – save for Jae.

But there was another presence soon.  I felt the eyes on the back of my neck before he cleared his throat.  “It’s always the water.  I do miss those days.”

Alex broke the kiss and pulled me tight against him.  “I don’t.”  He was smirking as he turned around and swam towards the edge.  “Nox you’ve met Griff?”

“Earlier today. Right after you left actually.”

“Shit.”  He pulled himself up out of the water and sat on the edge beckoned me to come to him.  I had the urge to deny him, but I went anyway.  He was mine.  “You should have called.”  He said as I stood in front of him between his legs.

“You were set on doing that party thing.  If he’s gonna be a bodyguard, Ant took care of him. How do you know him?”  I asked.  And I didn’t hid the jealousy in my voice.  Alex was plenty jealous but this was the first time I had been.  I wasn’t sure I liked it on me anymore than him.  I wasn’t seeking anything here.  There was no need to be afraid of the past.  We all had one.

“Griff and I met when we were kids.  His dad and my mom hooked up on occasion and worked a few cons together.  After my mom tried to con his dad anyway.”

“So just a friend.”  I said, though I knew it was more than that.  I could feel it from both of them.  Something was different between this guy and Alex compared to Benji’s relationship with Alex.

“More like your friendship with Mia and Jace.”  Alex said reminding me I was still friends with people I slept with too.  Alex smiled, “He was the only other guy outside of my dream boy that I had sex with for fun.”  Alex admitted.

That fact made me growl.  “And you trust him to watch my back with no ulterior motives?”

Alex looked at me and frowned, “I trust Grif with my life.  And I’m trusting him to take care of yours. It’s no different than Ant or Sage, Nox.”  He grumped back at me.

Griffin interrupted, “Look, pretty boy…”

The look I gave him made him stop mid sentence. 

“Can you back that look up.”

I laughed.  “Try me.”

Alex stood up and stepped between our gaze.  “I’m the only one who can call him that without a very violent reaction.”

Griffin held up his hands, “Understood.  As I was saying.”  He said from behind Alex.  “Alex hired me to do a job.  I’ll do it until he lets me go.  I’m not going to let some asshole come within 50 yards of you if I can help it.  And on that note, someone had a sniper rifle waiting for you just before I got here. They hadn’t set up yet, but since Alex is hiring body guards for you, then I expect that it’s for you.”

Alex turned to look at Griffin, “I… His life wasn’t under threat when I hired you.”  He pointed at me, “He does stupid things and I wanted to make sure he didn’t do them and get himself killed – again.”

“My life is always under threat Alex.  Remember the Venatori aren’t exactly happy with me.”

“What’s so dangerous about him?”  He asked Alex.

I laughed as I lifted my hands and the entire body of water inside the pool rose with them. Griffin stared at me in awe and maybe even a little fear.  “Why aren’t the Venatori happy with him?” 

I let the water back into the pool gently and crawled out of the pool to join them on level ground.  Griffin was a few inches shorter than I was but much wider – not that that was a particularly hard thing to manage.  But it made me feel a little better.  “I’m a thorn in their side just by being me, but when I’m kidnapped from under their noses they took offense to that.”  I sighed, “I’m hungry, Ryan made dinner, let’s go eat.”  I put my arm around Alex and waved for Griffin to go first.  He did the same as per body guard standards and let me go first.  I was actually hungry and I was tied of the power plays.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.