New BodyGuard

Outside all the kids were sitting around the pool.  The boys were all lounging in the chairs collecting rays.  Faelen sat under an umbrella with a book, covered in long sleeves and jeans.  I felt his shyness and wished I could help him overcome that, but I had my own issues about being covered.  This was family, but I was still not feeling myself. 

Everything was a bit to overpowering.  Quinn was wearing a bikini lounging next to Rider’s chair on the ground.  He was like an over protective dog with his sun glasses looking out on to the pool.  I was glad he and Cass were taking it upon themselves to welcome Quinn into the family.

The three little ones were all in the shallow end of the pool splashing and playing in the water. 

Jae and Seraph were standing one at the rear gate the other at the front.  It was vacation not like I needed someone to watch my back.  They were wearing shorts and tank tops with black sun glasses and Jae wore a baseball cap.  They sort of looked like body guards on vacation.  They were diligent.  I couldn’t see their eyes but I knew they were watching my every move.  Shouldn’t they be watching everything else but me.  I can take care of myself.  I sighed.  I still didn’t really understand why I needed body guards.

Outside the gates beyond Jae, there was a ruckus.  Shouting and then a squeal of tires as someone one speed away.  I wondered what that was all about.  But I did nothing other than look.  I felt strange.  There was a void of nothing out there in the distance.  And it felt like it was getting farther and farther away.

I walked around the pool towards the gate to see what I could see of the aftermath.  But there was just cars parked in the street, a boy walking his dogs, and a man carrying a duffel bag.  I leaned on the rod iron fence as he came up to me with a big bright smile.

“I’m looking for Alex Kennedy.”  He said.

My eyes went wide, “Alex just stepped out.  I don’t know when he’ll be back.  I’m Nox,” I offered him my hand, “Can I help you?”

His smile changed to a smirk as he looked me up and down, “Well, I don’t know.  He has a job for me.”

Jae turned around and pulled his sunglasses down and laughed curtly.  “Bout time you showed up, Sarge.” 

“You know him?”  I asked Jae.

“Yeah, we were in the Marines together.  He’s why I have this job.”

“I thought you were friends with Benji?”  I asked.

Jae smiled, “I am but that was after the Marines.”

I looked back at ‘sarge’, “And how do you know Alex?”  I said pushing the gate open.

“He should tell you that.”  I got the feeling he and Alex were more than friends.  And he knew exactly what Alex was.  “I’m Griffin Anders.  I’m sure Alex hasn’t talked about me.”

“He doesn’t talk about himself a whole lot.”  I said.  “Come on in, make yourself comfortable.  Until Alex comes back though I guess you aren’t on duty.”

Griffin laughed, “Smart boy.  Though I’m not exactly sure why **you** need body guards at all.  Why anyone would want to hurt you is beyond me.  But hey if Alex wants to waste his money I’m game.”

I looked at Jae, “Show him a room, if he’s staying.”

Ant stood in the sun by the door, “I’ll do that.  I need to talk with him anyway.”

I pointed to Ant.  “Anthony Giovanni, he’s head of my security.  He’s your boss.  You can take it all up with him.”  I didn’t like the guy, I just had this strange feeling about him.  He was keeping something from me.  Though I don’t know how or why I knew that.  My head hurt.

I walked back around to the deep end of the pool and dove in to take my swim.  I could deal with that all later.  For now, I just wanted to swim.

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