Party Planning

Alex and I didn’t fall back into where we had been. The mood had been disrupted by the phone call. Alex stood away from me waiting. I smiled shyly at him and he chuckled, “Well get in your swim trunks.” He pointed to the suitcase that was still full of my things, “I don’t know where you want it all so I’ll let you do that.” He grinned at me. “I’m going to take Ryan and we are going to go plan this party.”

“You don’t have to.” I told Alex.

“Of course I do. I get to show you off, and besides we didn’t have a wedding or a reception so lets just do this one normal human thing.” Alex said.

I gave him a slight nod. “You could just have let Anne Marie do it.” I said as I started unpacking my bag and putting it all away into drawers and the closet. Alex’s things were still in his bag too. The room didn’t looked lived in. “Maybe we should have summer clothes here. So we don’t have to bring so much stuff.” I said absently.

“We could do that. But I don’t think Dorian’s other guests would like that.” Alex said.

“Dorian doesn’t have other guests. It’s his families, but no one else uses it.”

“Why not? It’s such a change from the city – a great vacation place.”

“It belongs to Dorian. And Eli and Sahara aren’t exactly beach people.” I added, “None of his family really liked it here except his mom. Which is why D has it.”

“He’s a momma’s boy.”

I grinned, “He is, you’ve meet Emilio.”

“Barely.” Alex said. “I want to plan this Nox.” He changed the topic back to it’s original topic and I sighed. “It’ll give me something to do. And you can relax.”

“I wanted to relax with you.”

Alex came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his body hard against mine. “Oh baby, we’ll relax plenty. I know parties aren’t your thing. It’s only for a few hours.”

I nodded, “Don’t do anything huge, Alex. Family and friends and…”

Alex interrupted, “The whole beach will show up to a party.”

I sighed. “I know.”

Alex chuckled and pressed a kiss to my neck. It was such a tender gesture and I melted into him. He made me better. In his arms I was happy, and nothing bothered me. But we couldn’t stay like this forever. That would be the life. Alex said in my head.

“I brought you two swim suits, one for me, and one for others to see you in.”

“I’m not wearing a speedo in public.” I said tossing it to the bed. “But for you anything.”

Alex laughed, “That’s why I have the other Bermuda type trunks for you. I know how self conscious you are. But you know there is nothing to hide anymore.”

I nodded, “I know.”

Alex let me go so I could get naked. He stood by the dresser and watched. His eyes watching me, the way my body moved, the muscles flex and stretch as I pulled on each side of the trunks. His grip on the dresser was firm, his hands were losing blood flow in his effort to keep himself from touching me. I bit my bottom lip and he groaned. “Fuck!” Alex let out with a soft sigh. “And you don’t even try.”

I laughed, “Well I was trying.”

Alex chuckled and pushed himself off the dresser and wrapped his hands around me, his hands splayed along my bare back and there was only a moment of my own hesitation. The more he touched my back the easier it became. But I still flinched from nearly everyone else. Alex was safe. He was mine, and he had never judged me. But that pity was always there.

He pulled me close and I wrapped my arms around him, “Oh baby, it wasn’t pity. It was sadness that someone would do that to you. And don’t tell me you did it to you, because you didn’t. That thing manipulated you, and it hurt you.”

I let out a long sigh.

“And then you killed it.” Alex said. “You are safe now.” He whispered.

I just held on to him. I really didn’t want him to go. But he laughed, “You go swim some laps, cause I know that’s what you’ll do. You never take a break.”

“I do too.” I sighed, “But …”

Alex kissed me softly his hands on my face holding me so softly. “I know. Go feel better. I’ll be back in a bit. Maybe I’ll get Mia to help.”

“She’d love that.” I said.

Alex grinned. “I’ll give her a call.” He pushed me in the direction of the double doors, “Go swim. I’ll be back.”

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