Everyone Knows

We laid on the floor catching our breath. I had a simple realization that we’d forgotten something in our haste to get naked. My heart rate increase as did my breathing. Alex pressed a kiss to my neck and pushed a mental nudge into my train of thought. Stop panicking. We’re married. Well we weren’t but close enough.

I sat up trying to catch my breath and calm my heart rate. “I know that.” I sighed, “I don’t want to get you sick.” I was clean. I knew that but that didn’t stop the anxiety, the notion that I was inferior.

Alex guffawed, “Sweetheart, you haven’t had sex with any girl for over six months. A guy since Dan? And I know you got tested a while back.” He saw the results sitting at the top of my head when I agreed with him. Alex pulled me tightly against him. “And Nox, you can’t die. So I’ll ease your mind and get that blood test but I’m clean. Pretty sure you are the only one I’ve had sex with in a while.” Alex knew exactly how to calm me.

I set to the task of cleaning us up, I waved my hand and poofed away with a puff of smoke. Alex rolled his eyes. I smiled at him. “You don’t have to do anything, but you’ll have to remind me till I get used to it. It’s not a reflection of you just my habits.”

Alex grinned. “I know.” He always knew. He was in my head.

It was another few minutes before we were both getting dressed and heading out the door. Jae and Vin were standing outside. Vin took my chin and craned my neck to the side. “Alex did a number on your neck.”

I nodded proudly. “He’s biter.” Vin’s computer was sitting on the floor, he’d been busy at work while standing guard. I wondered if his time would be better spent in a more comfortable situation. “Vin, while you are doing the run through maybe you should give your shifts to Seraph.”

He grinned at me, “We got that covered, big boss man,” Vin nodded towards Alex, “hired another guy, he’ll be in tomorrow. Took him long enough to get here.”

Alex chuckled. “He was on covert operation. He had to finish it up. I pay more than the government.”

I looked at Alex and wondered what he was paying my body guards. Don’t you worry about that. He laughed in my head, but his stoic smirk stayed in place.

I took Alex’s hand and we headed to the bedroom. He leaned against my shoulder and laughed in a whisper, “That was some start to our vacation.”

“I need a nap now.”

Alex chuckled. “Me too.”

I woke again in the middle of a puppy pile. Somehow Cass managed to crawl on top of both Alex and I – draped across our legs like some rag doll tossed aside. Hunter was curled up in his normal position between Alex and I with one arm wrapped around Alex and his head pressed against my chest. Rider was curled next to me with Laker and Matt beside him. Drake lay on top of all three of them. Quinn slept at the bottom of the bed, I wasn’t exactly sure how she didn’t get kicked with the five us being near or at 6 feet. She met my eyes and I smiled. I held my arm out so she could join us at the head of the bed.

She looked scared. I knew how frightening this world was and I wished I could help her. But there was no hesitation as Quinn squeezed in between me and Rider and laid her head on my chest. Rider mumbled, “Hey Quinn,” as he rolled over and wrapped his arm around her, his hand draped over her hip and hanging above my own.

Her eyes were wide and she looked trapped. “He likes to cuddle,” I whispered.

“He’s too hot.”

I lifted my brother’s arm from her waist and he pulled it away from us. “He understands. He’s a wolf.” That was when I realized Fae was missing. I sat up looking around the dimly light room to find he was lying on the floor holding Matt’s hand. I laid back down and asked my half awake brother, “Why is Faelen on the floor?”

Rider shrugged. “I think he fell. He was curled up with Matt and Lake.”

“We need a bigger bed,” I declared softly.

Rider just smiled.

Quinn sighed, “Does everyone do this all the time?”

I smiled and pulled her closer. “Most of us have wolf blood, and before we knew that it was just liking to touch, but now we understand why.”

“So everyone knows you and Dad were …” She blushed as she touched my neck, “Ya know.”

I interrupted, “Having sex.”

Her blush grew brighter. “And everyone is still okay being in your bed?”

I shrugged. “Alex and I will behave ourselves. Just like Lake and Matt will. All part of pack rules that we all sorta know.”

Alex growled, “It’s common decency. Just like it’s common decency to talk someplace else.”

I stuck my tongue at Alex and grinned. “We need a bigger bed.”

“If we had a smaller one, do you think it could be just you and me?” Alex asked.

“How about a designated family bed, and a bed that is just ours?” I said. I had plans – big ones for that matter. But Alex could be angry if I started them now.

Alex sighed, “What kinda plans?” There was a wink to his sigh and a playfulness in his mind. I knew where he was going with it but it wasn’t those kinda plans. And Alex’s mood fell slightly as he caught my plans.

“But those plans are later plans. We got a vacation to go on,” I said the last part louder than I had most of our conversation and three teenage heads popped up.

Lake looked at me, “Beach?”

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

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