Dad Jokes

So today the prompt is container… is that a containim?

Probably not as eye rolling as it sounds in my head.

But it gets the prompt out of the way and I can go on about something else

Camp starts in two days. But I have scheduled a weeks worth of The Power of Succession starting today! So everyday at 6am a new scene will post. Most of the changes are little, but AJ added in new scenes and rearranged a few things to make it all work out.

Even though it’s not July 1 AJ is going to start editing today. So I’ll get my last monthly post in tomorrow and then you’ll likely be hearing from me on and off through the month in addition to the daily postings of the rewrite. Maybe by the time Lost in New York runs we’ll have book 2 The Shadowlands for ya’ll to read…. GRRR.. AJ! Only Yous Guys is worse…. so I guess I dunno I don’t talk like that!

Speaking of Brooklyn accents, AJ’s has once again been toying with the idea of a podcast esque deployment of something. We were playing with the idea of some stories I might tell to the kids at a campfire. But AJ would need to literally practice her New York accent (cause she doesn’t have one), we’d have to write a script AND AJ would need to find a decent voice changing app/program cause she doesn’t want her voice out there. Or confused with me. So if anyone has any recommendations for that kinda thing let me know.

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