So AJ has the next book all plotted out! All because she said stranding me and Alex on an island would be fun, and it turned out be relevant.

So book 2 of the Forgotten One is called The Shadowlands, and Alex and I are stranded in the guess where – the shadow lands. No spoilers anymore than that.

July you will see the rewrite of The Power of Succession. As there are several newly added scenes and some fixes.

Following the Power of Succession which is 12 Chapters long with 4 to 5 scenes per chapter. You will get Lost in New York which is 14 chapters with 3 to 5 scenes in each one.

I will attempt to post something near daily, but probably not during July as AJ will be focusing on editing and not so much writing. But I hope not to leave you hanging with just story elements.





5 responses to “Stranded.”

  1. butlersgloves Avatar

    Ooo! It should be interesting to see how well both Alex and Nox deal with being stranded. 😄

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    1. Nox Avatar

      hehe I agree.

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      1. butlersgloves Avatar

        I’m gonna predict at least one Nox panic-fueled meltdown.

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      2. Nox Avatar

        Oh I’m sure there will be least one!

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