AJ’s dreams last night were relentless.  They were all strange and clearly not about me.  They were more geared towards Pixels the movie she and her family watched last night (twice cause the end credits played out a pixel version of the whole movie.  So a 2 hour move ran for 2.5 mins in the credits – what’s that say about the movie?)

AJ and the family loved it and AJ laughed out loud literally several times – most specific memory was when Qbert peed himself cause it was all pixelated.

The details were pretty amazing if you think about how the’d have to do the pixelating of real life things like fire and stuff.

But her dreams were all in that vein but AJ is horrible at remembering dreams just those vague memories – they were all strange and not about me.

However we did come up with a back story for my AU we get to play with in August – yes we have planned THAT far ahead.  June finish the current WIP – Lost in New York – we are really close to the end now.  Like I can taste it close (or is that the coffee AJ’s drinking…)

July is for editing The Call of the Dragon (formerly The Last Phoenix).

And August is for a m/m romance for a good romance conflict with a happy ending.  We still don’t have a conflict, but my back story is good now.  I’m going to have a not messed up life but me I’m still a little messed up – cause what am I if I don’t have have all my little quirks. But you’ll get to see all that later I hope.

So MAYBE in July you’ll get to see the last WIP.  AJ, you can make that happen right? She says yeah we can do that.  Probably.

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