Today’s prompt is pious.  And it got me thinking about religion in general.  The humans have many religions.  And I’m not really going to get into it.  It’s not worth the problems that it causes.  But it makes you wonder what the religion of the vampires and venatori are.  Do they have the same gods?

I know I’ve spoken about them on some level before.  That I personally do not have a religion.  That the Venatori have no gods. Was their a creator?  Yeah in a way.  There was the First.  Which sort of just come into being.  Whehter by evolution or some hand of creation who knows.  There were four races – Aeternus, Primeval Vampire, Dragon and Human. The humans were perceived as the weakest of races and the vampires used them for food.  While the Aeternus and Dragons didn’t really care.  The human’s advantages were that they multiplied quickly and soon they came to take over the world.  The other three races were long lived immortal races.  Mind you not indestructable – they can die, but not typically of old age.

The First are not so much worshiped but few in number, and in case of the Aeternus they no long exist to anyone’s knowledge.  But there is one, but no one knows.  It’s a lonely life – and no it’s not me, nor am I an ancestor of the man.  Thank god!

But from the four races the other races came.  Humans had their own magics, and the Aeternus wanted to harness it and dragon powers.  So they bred with them and soon the Venatori were born, they lost their immortality but gained magical abilities.  Soon they destroyed their own people.

But we still didn’t worship anything.

The universe is our guide.  Order and Chaos – the Venatori are supposed to be agents of order – leveling the playing field, but they are more chaos now than ever before. But we still do not worship the universe or the umbra or order or chaos.  The idea that some supreme being is worthy of our devotion just isn’t there.

I’ll have to ask Reginald and Francesco what they think of religion.

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