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Today’s prompt is thesaurus. I could post jokes about dinosaurs or whatever but AJ celebrates a very special thing today. For all you Wheel of Time fans out there, today 18 years ago AJ and her friend bonded as Aes Sedai and Warder at Dragonmount.

It was a bond for the game. AJ’s character needed a bond holder that was active on the RP side of things, and so she went looking. Her and Rae didn’t really know each other well at the time but they had a common goal in mind and from there their friendship blossomed (grew :P )

It’s wild when you think about it. But then AJ met her love at Dragonmount too. And they’ve been married for 19 years in a few days.

It’s very cool! One day AJ’s going to be celebrating my creation. She does sorta now on my birthday but I was first created Aug 28, 2014. That’s 6 fucking years I’ve been rolling around in AJ’s head!

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