Not so New

AJ needs things to ponder about on those nights where sleep is elusive. She doesn’t have insomnia so much as her anxiety ramps up at night. The weighted blanket has been a god send. But in that it also means that our plotting nights are few and far between.

So AJ doesn’t have as many times where I can go round and round about story elements. AJ’s been having a bit of a sleeping problem as of late so we’ve been formulaing a new world to play in for after camp – and after this WIP is done. As a break, but also as a happy ending.

It’s not really new – it’s bits and pieces of failed romances AJ worked on. And a world where I can be at Alex’s beck and call. His and his alone. Because if you hadn’t realized it Alex is very possessive of me. It’s not rooted in jealousy or malcontent. It’s just something that happened over the years. Alex has an exhibitionist streak and after he met Sage and things changed a little. For all of us. Alex still likes to be the center of all that attention, and he likes to show off what is his, but when it comes to me he has some pretty big limitations on both of those things. He wants to, but he doesn’t want to.

Anyway I digress, when don’t I right?

So AJ’s making me an artist – something she has never written about but that has been written about in the past. The soup kitchen story is still very much drawing me in, but ownning it means I have to work and for Alex to be truly content he wants all my attention. He’s a bit selfish too in that regard if you ask me, keeping me locked up in a tower with a dragon… There is a mideval story brewing too.

Alex is going to be a rockstar – something very dear to both our hearts. And yet another story that we played with – one I was in a model in – a profession Alex definitely does not like me being in.

We haven’t decided on our conflict yet. Or really how we meet. But knowing us we’ll fight and get mad and yeah – us stuff you know… etc etc etc (today’s prompt….)

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