Not to Brag

As the ttile says, not to brag, but AJ is filling out some of the world lore cause we need to remember when Cass and Hunter’s Birthday’s are… and that means hunting down all the notes she’s made. God I don’t know where they all are. But somewhere in some note some place it has their birthdays.

For some reason AJ thinks they are Picies and Gemini… Cass is first, Hunter is second and it fit their personalities. but AJ doesn’t remember lol.

If that isn’t there she needs to figure out when the kids were conveived which is in some other notes somewhere else…

ANYWAY, AJ was going through adding in some notes and decided on a few other things too. But she was going through the wiccan line that Alex and I decend from and the wiccan who preformed the ceremony to which Ant was conceived and there is all sorts of new lore being born.

Like the name of the original coven. How there are three governing blood lines in the coven. One which bears all twins, one which has dream walkers, and one in which all sons die before the age of 21.

And AJ realized that the reason why Alex wasn’t raised wiccan was because his dad was the decent and not his mother like we originally thought. This is why his journal is at Solomon’s since they are the same coven.

My mother’s great grandmother was wiccan and practicing but one of her daughers didn’t beleive and is my mother’s grandmother so was not practicing.

In all of this, we found out Thomas Kennedy and Leanne Sétanta are born a year apart and likely knew each other since they both grew up in Ward, Colorado. SO so much for Alex and I never meeting right?

Wouldn’t that be a story to tell?

AJ had a sleepless night last night so she also was thinking about seeing Cass and Hunter as sixteen year old kids coming into their own. It’s a fun exercise.