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This has nothing to do with the topic. Though AJ could ‘revert’ me to some previous setting. Though I don’t think I ever actually liked jewelry of some kind.

But anyway back to what I wanted to ramble about. AJ’s facebook timeline keeps popping up with the image above with some ad. It’s pretty sexy as far as women go, but It’s not why I am drawn to the image. I really don’t know what it is.

Maybe it’s the bells and jingling. Or the jewelry. Or just because it’s a sexy dance. I mean should in theory be able to do it. But did my teacher teach me a predominately female dance style? Would I have done it back then?

But I’m not sure why the image keeps pulling me into AJ’s thoughts and how I could use it. It would require some back tracking in terms of my personality. It’s likely that the idea that I had my ears peirced at one point in my life that this could take the place of… a much younger me into the ‘making an entrance’ Wearing jingle bells as a joke. Or even not.

I don’t know. But it’s something to think about.


As a follow up – We figured out what I was trying to tell AJ lol. This particular picture leads to a big break through in what happens in the current WIP. So yay, we have a big moment coming up and now we have a how and why!! That wasn’t there moments before.

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