Dear Future Me,

Ever been tasked with writing a letter to yourself? Future or present. I’m goin to write this as it’s the end of The Power of Successsion. Mostly because it’s something I wished I would have done before the start of this new series AJ started. The arc is titled: The Forgotton.

Dear Future Me,

I know I can be an ass at times. And I know you want to push people away when they piss you off especially, but don’t. The people around you are family. Every single one of them would put their lives on the line for the ones you love. And you’d do the same. We are a family even if there is very little blood tying us together.

The kids are the best part of being a family. Watching them grow up, helping them become better people than you are. It’s tough, I know. (Being better than us is hard, but being a parent is harder :wink: )Parenting is hard. I know you never feel qualified, and you aren’t – no one is. We just have to take it a day at a time.

Ant and Iz fight all the time, but it’s a reminder that you and Alex do too. If you and Alex don’t fighting, make sure you check on him because something isn’t right. It might not between you two, but there is something wrong. I know you love him and not fighting seems well and good, but nothing good has ever come from that peaceful time. Someone is mad, or something has happened.

And I know you get tired of hearing Alex grip about your self destruction. We can’t help the way we feel, but know that he loves you that much. He doesn’t want even you to hurt yourself. It’s that important to him. He’s one of the few people who does it because he loves you – not because he needs you to rule/lead. He needs you for you. Sometimes I think Alex needs to take care of you to feel like he’s doing good in the world. So I say let him. If it gives him happiness – let him. He brings us so much joy and safety, letting him take care of you will only help us both.

But most of all you have to trust your gut. If it feels wrong, it is. If it feels right, do it. Even if it makes your gut feel worse. Do it! No matter what the people around you are family. Take care of them show them that even though you were mistreated by life, show them you can still love no matter what.

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