The Ending

This is a suitable prompt today to talk about where we are in the current WIP – near the ending.

AJ isn’t exactly sure how to finish the story off. Is me finding out who I am enough of a story, or do we need to figure out WHY I forgot? Is it important? Is there a larger story to tell.

I have to stop one more fight, but is that the only fight really in need of ending. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. Things I didn’t know about. Should I remember and fix them or save that for other books.

But we are nearing an end 33K words or so at present. Not enough for a full story. It’s troubling AJ that the words aren’t more.

But it is what it is and we’ll go on with what we got.

AJ finished Mass Effect Andromeda yesterday and did the last bits of walk through today. She found out she can start the game over using ALL the point she’s accumulated thus far – with all the gear too. So guess what – she’ll be playing an epic level character on normal. I’m wondering if AJ will change the difficulty to something a bit harder. That would be fun. She might actually enjoy playing on nightmare if she can scale up. It’s a pretty cool option.

AJ informs me that you used to be able to do that with Baulder’s Gate (whatever that is :P)

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