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What’s your Favorite Movie?

That’s a question that most people know right? What’s your favorite movie? Is it a guilt pleasure, a chick flick? Or is it some action packed thriller keeping you on the edge of your seat.

I don’t watch a lot of movies. I don’t sit still long enough.

I think my favorite now might be Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean who doesn’t love Groot. And Starlord’s back story hits a lot of similarities to me.

As a kid, my favorite movie would have been something Sage made me watch. I remember at the age of ten Sage dragging me along to a movie he thought I’d like. We snuck into the theater and into the movie. Who’s going to let a ten year old watch a rated R movie. But when you know vampires are real, watching Queen of the Damned wasn’t that scary.

Sage and I watched it several times over the years. We always reminisced about the whole thing when we did. We got caught and were banned from that theater but it had been worth it. And then we met Mia and the trouble we got into was a whole lot different.

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