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Social Leper

In AJ’s WIP I’m feeling as an outside kinda like a social leper. No one loves me, because no one can remember me. I look inside from my vantage point of being a self aware character in AJ’s head and I know it’s showing me and mine the greatest gift of all – that we can do it. They don’t NEED me and I don’t NEED them. But all in all I end up doing what I do because it’s what I do.

AJ didn’t write me yesterday. She played Andromeda, and wrote RP posts and yesterday’s blog post. But stats look to be good and stead with the same typical numbers all week. I doubt I’ll ever be big. But I’m considering posting The rewrite of The Power of Succession.

I’ll have to see if AJ can run her wordpress import script to get it all in. Maybe we’ll start in June. I wonder if it’ll cary into July – that would be optimal – through next camp.

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