What word?

The prompt is a question. Today we could talk about words. AJ has a few posts on her Facebook page about the English language and grammar.

And then there is the idea that what word is asking about what news.

AJ is writing still. Just not this morning. She got stuck in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Not her typical game as it’s a shooting game, but she’s got it on the easiest mode possible since she’s really only there for the story, and the fighting is less of a reason. But she’s kinda falling in love with being a sniper. She has a single load gun that one shots just about any mob so from a distance she takes most things out, and then as she gets closer the companions do most of the work. Since her favorite gun is only one shot and she has to reload. It’s pretty epic gun.

But we are writing. 24K words of book 5. When it’s done we’ll schedule it up here, but since AJ hasn’t finished a book since The Power of Succession we don’t want to share it mid book.

The Power of Succession also was changed. So is anyone interested in seeing the new story?

We have a few rewrites to do to some of the others to fix plot holes, AJ needs to get on that but we get stuck in different modes – one of which is not editing.

But Dabble is mobile now so we might be able to do that soon.

We’ll see.

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