Video Games

So AJ’s decided to give another game a go. She’s taken to playing a guy right off at day 1. But there are no major romances she wants to persue it’s not like she’s played the game before. But it’s bioware and they tell a good story, so we are playing Andromeda.

AJ made a character – he dyed his hair orange and his beard too, it’s sorta flaming look! It’s kinda cool.

But Andromeda is a shooter game, and AJ’s playing on normal right now but she might switch to easy mode cause it’s the story she is playing and not the shooting. Though we are getting better at shooting.

Today’s word was trumped. But so far writing has trumped the game so it’s a weekend thing which is good cause I get my words in during the week and AJ can game in her free time on the weekends. Which is nice.

They might have someone to buy the house! So that’s like epic big news for AJ. Keep your fingers crossed.

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