Self Care

In a time where the world is currently head over heels messed up we need to take care of ourselves.  AJ’s life hasn’t changed all that much, but it’s allowing her and her family to tend to some much needed things the past few days. Being at home allowing her to make that change a little easier and with less reprecussions.  When life returns to normal they’ll need to make some adjustments but right now it’s working.  One can only hope.

But these times call for self care too.  So you need to take care of yourselves just as much if not more in this time of great chaos.

So I’m offering some things I’ve found to be helpful.  I didn’t write any of it, nor did AJ just some little tips from others to help you out.

The Quarantine Quest is a self care made by the Hero’s Journal people.

Home – 30 days of yoga that Adrienne started back in January.  This is Day 0.  You can follow along on her channel.  It’s never too late to work on yoga. [[ As a side note, AJ is starting this program tomorrow.  You can check my facebookpage out for the link to more information too. ]]

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