Let’s Get Dangerous

It’s Ryan’s turn to answer the questions.  You will have to forgive him he’s old.

Character Interviews

What is your darkest childhood memory?

My darkest childhood memory is finding my little sister strung up like a scarecrow to be fed to the wolves because she was different.

What bad habit are you struggling to overcome?

I talk too much. I listen too long. I try to help when help isn’t wanted. I’ve been studying so many things in my long life that it’s hard not to.

Why does your journey matter to you personally?

I finally get to pave my own path. Well not exactly my own since I’m bound to a vampire until the ends of time. I wouldn’t change my path mind you, I am grateful to live this long and this well. My journey matters because now that I’m bound to Ant and through him to Nox, I can help in a way I’ve never been able to being bound to the scariest vampire in the world. My path is unlimted now.

What does a perfect world look like to you?

There is no such thing as perfect world.

What smell or scent reminds you of your childhood home?

I can’t remember the smell of home. I can’t remember the vision of my mother or father, I imagine they look like myself and Mia. But I can’t remember home anymore than I can remember where I was 100 years ago. I don’t stay in one place for very long until now.

What is your biggest regret?

I have no regrets. Not in 800 plus years.

Who was your childhood sweetheart?

I was sweet on a girl, would have married her if my parents had let me, but it was more arranged than anything.

What do you fear losing the most?

I fear losing my connection to people. I was bound to Cari for so long that I was afraid I might have. That all humanity was lost, but I was wrong, I’m still here, and I have a chance to make it all better.

Is there a secret spot you like to retreat to? If there is, why that spot?

There is this spot in Italy that I love. Countryside, vineyards – yes lots of wine. It’s picturesque and beautiful and quiet. I miss the quiet but city life works for me too if I can go back and visit. It’s not too far from Cari’s Villa near Rome. It’s nice.

Do you have a family member that’s ever let you down? If so, how has that affected you?

Both of my parents, I guess. But that was a long time ago, they have long since died.

Are you afraid to be alone?

I’m never alone. That’s the down side to being Chevalier. For over 800 years I’ve had someone else in my head. A tight bond that we can’t break – well we couldn’t until Nox came into the picture.

Are you proud of who you are?

I guess. I’m not horrified by the person I’ve become. Can I do better? Of course.

What keeps you up at night?

Hardly anything at all keeps me up at night. Nothing scares me. I don’t worry about anything. After 800 years of life you kinda just go with it. I’ve seen it all before.

What was your favorite stuffed animal or toy as a kid?

Uh….. I don’t know. That’s a long far off away time since I was a kid.

What was your worst injury ever?

Probably too many too count if I were just human. I can’t think of anything that didn’t heal quickly tho.

What song makes you think of your crush?

I don’t have a crush. I don’t have relationships besides those with Cari over the years.

What was your bravest moment?

My bravest moment was drinking blood from a vampire so that I could live forever and save my sister’s life. It was a bargain we made with Cari. I became her food, if she saved my sister. I have not regretted any moment.

Who can make you smile no matter how bad you feel?

Ant makes me smile. When he was a boy he could make me laugh, now he is just a sarcastic jerk that seems to keep on going. But the others all said it true too. That little girl of Nox’s can make anyone smile. That telepathy of hers lets her see just what she needs to to make that frown turn upside down.

What is one thing you always carry with you?

A sword. Yes Ant and I learned from the same person. My pocket of shadow’s isn’t quite the same as his as I can’t actually use the power, but with what I’ve come to realize now is a rune stone I can use it just like Cari does because I was tied to her, and thankfully sitll can with Ant. Though we have had to tweak it a bit – thankfully Nox is here to help with that.

Who is one person you would never ever want to see again? Why?

I could do without seeing any of the old mobsters from back in the day. They liked to profit off of Cari’s blood lust. Those were some dark times for us.

What, to you, is the worst way to die?

Fire has got to be the worst way to die. Funny knowing that Nox went through that – and survived.

You can bring one person back to life. Who would you choose and why?

I’d bring back Jimmy Hendrix so I could listen to him jamming in real time. But then I think Vincent Van Gogh could do some beautiful paintings, and that episode of Dr. Who was like epic when they showed him how he’d become so popular and respected in the future. But then you can’t forget the unforgettable ‘sex’ and ‘your mother’ are the root of all problems with Freud. I’d love to see how he’d react to today’s world.

Is it easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake?

Mistakes? What are those? Yeah I can admit when I’m wrong or made a mistake but it rarely happens.

Is it easy for you to forgive others? (Truly?)

I’m going to say no. I’m pretty sure I’m pretty pissed at my parents for what they did to Mia.

You’re on your death bed. Who do you want by your side?

The love of my life… But one I haven’t met her yet, and two I probably won’t be dying in a bed. That is not my life and it never will be.

Your childhood bully has grown up to be a philanthropist. Do you praise him and give to his cause? Or do you turn a shoulder to him and scoff?

For a good cause…. but not because of the person I knew.

Who would you want to raise your child if you die unexpectedly?

If I had a kid, and I died who would I want to raise my kid? None of these asshats. Nox and Alex will screw the kid up. Ant would probably end up treating my kid like I had treated him. Izzy might do an okay job if she survives her child birth. Oh wait I shouldn’t mention that one lest Nox hear me and starts freaking the fuck out. Yeah I want him raising my kids. I tease of course. Any one of them would do great – Rider would do great too.

Do you suffer from a reoccurring nightmare? If so, what happens in it?

“I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the surprise in your cereal box. I am Darkwing Duck!” – the answer is no by the way.

What do you notice first about a person?

Uh… them? There legs? I don’t know. I don’t really pay much attention… honestly personality. I didn’t pay all that money to earn multiple PhDs to not pay attention to their body language, personality and all the little things.

Do you find it difficult to praise others?

No. Though few do anything praise worthy smirk

Which color do you feel looks best on you?

Emerald Green – Think Green Arrow back in Smallville Days!

What’s your drink of choice?

I’ll usually stick with water, but I’ve been known to drink the Koolaid.

Which parent do you take after more? (If they know their parents)

Honestly I have no idea it’s so long ago.

What quality about your parent do you admire? Abhor? (If they know their parents)

See the answer above

Do you wish to be a loner? Or have a family one day? (Or if they already have a family, do they enjoy family life or regret it?)

I am never truly alone but I’d love to have my own family. Though having kids is probably not on the agenda. I might get a girl pregnant, but in 800 years I’ve yet to do so. And I have tried.

What odd habits or ticks do you have?

I psychoanalyze people even if they don’t want me to.

Have you traveled to other lands? Or planets, even?

I have never been off earth but every where else – yes!

Do you feel a need to fix or repair problems that don’t directly involve you?

Every fucking day and every fucking second – it’s so fucking hard to stay in my own lane. Or at least that’s what I’m told.

How do you view other races or cultures?

Nothing really surprises me anymore.

Do you worry about what the future will bring?

One big happy family – at least for me and mine. The rest of you, who cares grins

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