So yesterday I posed a question on Facebook. I didn’t expect any answers from anyone but it got me thinking.

And then AJ’s alpha said I’d be freaking out over it all cause being inundated with were blood, we as were’s as a community would be suffering through all this social distancing in 2020. Dumb ass virus!

But still, back to the topic, I would be so freaking out. I would lock myself in my bedroom and probably starve if I didn’t have vampire friends. Or I’d move into Alex’s apartment and we’d live alone. No one allowed but Alex. And Alex couldn’t leave cause I know I’d fucking get sick the moment he did. I catch everything. So hate my human heritage in that. My one weakness – the fucking common cold!

I can see myself in mass anxiety panic in the corner of my room – stay away. And Alex laughing at me then growling at me to get in bed and then he’d wrap his arms around me and keep me safe. I’m so fucking easy! But as I remind Alex – just for him.

But really what about vampires? They can’t catch it they aren’t alive, but are they carriers? Like a mosquito or a tick? AJ come on! Find me that answer in your big book of secrets!

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

6 thoughts on “Speculation”

  1. “They can’t catch it they aren’t alive, but are they carriers? Like a mosquito or a tick?”

    That’s actually an interesting question. One could be wimpy and boring and say that vampires only go after healthy people. But where’s the fun in answering it like that?

    I actually like the idea of them being carriers. It makes sense and it’s intriguing. It makes me wonder if it would be considered a vampire-borne disease.

    And yes. This vivid virus would smash Nox’s panic button. I can totally see him freaking out about wanting to be with Alex but pushing him away because he doesn’t want Alex to get sick. And if Alex leaves, Nox would spiral so bad he probably would get sick. Poor hon!

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    1. The vampire born illness is actually something to think on story wise – that could be presented after this next 4 books. Or even in these 4 if really think about it.

      Yeah but Alex would be more than happy with it being just the two of us. Ant would have to sterilize before he ferried food back and forth lol.

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