Totally Forgot

Yesterday I was supposed to post, and then I remembered last night, and I was going to then AJ got busy and she forgot what she was doing. Amid all this stuff going on I’ll forgive her since I know what’s been going on in her head better than most.

Anxiety not from the virus that is affecting the world in strange and apocalyptic ways (not as in the it’s causing the end of the world, but in the the world is shutting down because of it.) AJ’s anxiety stems from her kids not being home – they are safe, and they are probably safer up in the middle of no where than here with her, but given everything that’s happened over the past year and change AJ’s sorta on edge, sleep was a wonderful thing last night. And much needed to function. But mostly happened because AJ was exhausted.

But I was going to post that the Daily Spur had recently hit three thousand posts and 100 subscribers with little to no work from AJ. In case you are new around here, AJ created the Daily Spur back when the Daily Post shut down and has been producing random word, picture and music prompts for better than a year now (maybe more). It’s completely automated and there is a regular following and people using it. We are highly impressed with it’s following.

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