Just a Dream – entry

I think I told ya’ll about the contest AJ entered.

Well it’s been published up on their website. Go on and give it a read, would love a like or a comment there but you have to sign up for it so I’m not expecting much.

It was a fun exercise anyway – something like how things really go around here.

Just a Dream at Reedsy – for a contest entry “Write a story about characters who know they are ficitious”

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3 thoughts on “Just a Dream – entry

  1. I. Loved. It. 😍

    I saw this sort of thing done in a book I recently read and I hated it. I understood why the author ended it with that “You are all characters in a book I wrote” plot twist, but it did not mesh at all with the rest of the story. There was no logical build up to that reveal. It felt weird and tacked on and borderline annoying.

    But this was perfectly done. I especially liked the nod to Alex’s “Dev” incarnation and to the high school story. And the ending made me feel all warm and happy inside.

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    1. AJ said thank you. It was a real fun story for both of us. It felt really like her but a little different too.

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