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So it’s Alex’s turn to answer those 40 questions I did a few weeks ago. Let’s see what he has to say.

What is your darkest childhood memory?

I can’t think of anything specifically dark from my childhood. But now that I remember the dipshit Garrett attacking me in Nox’s dream that is likely the darkest memory I have. Forgetting that was probably for the best though.

What bad habit are you struggling to overcome?

I was a con man – that is hard to get over. Nox doesn’t much care, but I do. He’s too good. I should man up, right?

Why does your journey matter to you personally?

It’s my life? I’ve never been one to have a given direction. I just keep going with the flow.

What does a perfect world look like to you?

Like a big naive ball of profit, honestly. But I got this Pretty Boy who sees it things a lot different than I do. A perfect world would see him free of whatever chains attached to him, living a normal peaceful life with his family (and me). But mostly me!

What smell or scent reminds you of your childhood home?

Cheap perfume and cigarettes.

What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is letting my mom get in that car.

Who was your childhood sweetheart?

That’s a dumb question, Nox of course. He was the only one I had that cared about me for me and he didn’t even remember me.

What do you fear losing the most?

Nox. I’d love to be able to say something else, but I don’t think I could survive losing him again. We’ve been through a lot, I’ve even watched him die I can’t do that again.

Is there a secret spot you like to retreat to? If there is, why that spot?

My favorite spot is the beach. Any beach, but there is this one spot I love the most and until I came back to New York I hadn’t been able to visit it. The was the bad thing about giving up on the City forever.

Do you have a family member that’s ever let you down? If so, how has that affected you?

My mom let me down all the time when I was a kid. But I knew better, I knew our life was always about the con, so if it came down to it I was just a tool to be used.

Are you afraid to be alone?

I’d be lying if I said no, but I won’t elaborate.

Are you proud of who you are?

Not really. I mean I’m successful and have loads of money but that’s nothing to be proud of. I’m not a fucking hero like my Pretty Boy. I’ve no grand plan for my life. I’ve never been more than a grifter.

What keeps you up at night?

All the ways I could lose Nox. Vampires, werewolves, demons, fucking magic. His reckless behavior, his need to save everyone even if they don’t want to be saved. For everything I love about him it’s also what I hate about him.

What was your favorite stuffed animal or toy as a kid?

I didn’t have one. But I’ll go with Mushu since that’s who I was to Nox.

What was your worst injury ever?

I’ve never had a bad injury. Never broke my arm or leg. Not even sprained a wrist or finger.

What song makes you think of your crush?

Hmmm…..I’m going to go with Perfect – no not by Edward Sheeran! My Darkest Days

What was your bravest moment?

My bravest moment was letting my Pretty Boy run into me after 5 years especially after he flaked on me and set his dipshit friend to tell me off….Yeah I know the real story but still pissed about it.

Who can make you smile no matter how bad you feel?

I’d love to be able to say Nox, but if I’m feeling bad he’s feeling worse. Sometimes I think he’s an empath more than anything. And he might have some of that in him too for all the fuck we know. But Cass can cheer me up, she has this way about her, she’s never sad.

What is one thing you always carry with you?

My car keys. Even though I don’t actually drive anywhere, I’m the only one in the whole family that carries any sort of keys. Nox has keys but he never carries them, magic for the win I guess. So I’m strange, I don’t need the key to get in the house, but I still carry them. Growing up human and all.

Who is one person you would never ever want to see again? Why?

Garrett Spencer! I see him again I’ll probably kill him.

What, to you, is the worst way to die?

There are lots of horrible ways to die, but the worst? Burning alive I guess would have to be the worst.

You can bring one person back to life. Who would you choose and why?

Ghandi, or Abraham Lincoln or JFK someone who could have done more for this world.

Is it easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake?

I don’t make mistakes!

Is it easy for you to forgive others? (Truly?)

Not even slightly. My love for Nox is the only thing that let me forgive him. And the truth eventually, but if I didn’t love him he’d still be on my shit list.

You’re on your death bed. Who do you want by your side?


Your childhood bully has grown up to be a philanthropist. Do you praise him and give to his cause? Or do you turn a shoulder to him and scoff?

Hell the fuck no! and I didn’t have any childhood bullies didn’t stay in the same place long enough to.

Who would you want to raise your child if you die unexpectedly?

I’m going to have to agree with Nox on this one. If we are both gone, Ryan is the best person to raise Quinn, the twins and the rest of our kids.

Do you suffer from a reoccurring nightmare? If so, what happens in it?

No. I don’t recall having any nightmares ever. Probably something to do with being a dream walker and all.

What do you notice first about a person?

Their thoughts. It’s hard not to go there first when they are there for the looking.

Do you find it difficult to praise others?


Which color do you feel looks best on you?


What’s your drink of choice?

A great whiskey on the rocks.

Which parent do you take after more? (If they know their parents)

I never met my dad so I’d have to say my Mom and since she’s not here to ask it has to be my Mom .

What quality about your parent do you admire? Abhor? (If they know their parents)

I don’t admire anything about my mom. She’s my mom. She was my world.

Do you wish to be a loner? Or have a family one day? (Or if they already have a family, do they enjoy family life or regret it?)

Before Nox, I was destined to live alone, die alone, etc. Now I can’t imagine life without family. How I’d want to live without them I can’t fathom. But don’t tell them that.

What odd habits or ticks do you have?

Do I have any? I suppose I tend to listen to a persons thoughts too much and while I try not to react to them that doesn’t always happen.

Have you traveled to other lands? Or planets, even?

I’ve been all over the US but not out of the 48 continental states.

Do you feel a need to fix or repair problems that don’t directly involve you?

Nope. That’s all Nox.

How do you view other races or cultures?

With skepticism. And I’m not talking other human races or cultures, the difference between us are different than the strange things that the supernatural races live by. How they can govern themselves and yet they fear the Venatori. The is nothing special about the Venatori. Just ruthless killers if you ask me.

Do you worry about what the future will bring?

Every fucking day! My life was predictable before Nox. Now I wonder if I’ll survive day to day.

7 thoughts on “Cheap Perfume and Cigarettes

  1. “For everything I love about him it’s also what I hate about him.” I can just see Nox tensing up about this answer. Someone’s gonna need to talk the poor boy down before he goes into a full out panic attack.😔

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    1. I’ve known this all along. Though if it were in story I’d probably have a panic attack cause I could never make Alex happy and he’d get all shut the fuck up Nox, I love you everything about you so stop worrying about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Poor Nox!

        Why do I have this strong feeling that if this interview were in a magazine, Nox would have severe avoidance behavior about reading it? He’d feel all weird and guilty about reading it, like reading an interview counts as spying on Alex. If he did read it, his ears would turn all red and he’d have a panic attack. And every mention of Nox’s name would stand out as if it were written in bold red letters.

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      2. Yes I probably wouldn’t read it. I would definitely have that shy/embarrassed feeling every time he mentioned me lol by name or not.

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  2. And yes! That song is very much Alex! It’s so much him it’s like it was written especially for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it is. It worked well for that topic.

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